American Stonehenge – message

Interpretation of the message


First point – keep the human population in balance

The first point contains immense wisdom. Meant are all human races at their highest level in constant balance with nature. Without plundering resources and “intensive modern agriculture” raping the land with herbicides and other poisons is this planet capable of carrying and feeding about half a billion people living in energetic non-intensive temperate zones.


The second point – controlled reproduction

The second point also contains nothing to disagree with – on the contrary, it enshrines “The spirit of Miroslav Tyrš” (Czech art historian, sports organizer and co-founder of the Sokol movement – Translator’s note) and obvious resistance to senseless racism, because only racial diversity can prevent degeneration. However, this is nothing for members of the cross-burning, deeply Christian-minded members of the Ku-Klux-Clan and similar prominent members. Mankind should use reason and its best knowledge to control its own reproduction. Fitness can be interpreted as “health”. “Diversity” can be expressed as “variety”.


Third point – New Language

The third point revives the idea of the creators of Esperanto, that is the general introduction of a single language. Without a common, intelligible language, the idea of understanding and unifying humanity is pointless. The “living language” is growing and changing as knowledge progresses. A “new language” can be developed de novo – it does not necessarily have to be an adaptation from any existing language.


The fourth point – faith and tradition

The fourth point – “Faith” here can be understood in a religious sense. All too often, people are controlled by blind faith, even when it can be against reason. Reason must be tempered by compassion – but it must prevail.


Fifth point

The judgement must value justice as much as the law.


Sixth point – the world court

Point six leaves internal justice, including criminal justice, in the hands of individual nations! According to this council, the World Court should only resolve external, and therefore international, disputes, which certainly include war crimes, including incitement to war as such. There must be nothing to prevent individual nations from developing their own destinies according to the wishes of their inhabitants – but they must not abuse their neighbors.


Seventh point – laws and officials

The seventh point expresses what all the people struggling with all the stupidity with the authorities think. No office should exist for the office itself. There should also be no laws and authorities that address problems that would not exist without these laws, authorities and their nonsensical regulations and tangle of ordinances.


Eighth and ninth point

Entire books could be written on the contents of the eighth and ninth points, which express deep wisdom. Each individual has an innate concern for their own well-being, but man is a social animal, and therefore must share the concern of the group. The failure of a society means the failure of all its individual citizens.

The term infinity in the ninth point represents the Supreme Being – whose will is manifested by the functions of the cosmos – we must search there if we want to find it.


Tenth point

Perhaps only the owner of a chemical plant, a wholesaler of precious woods, furs, ivory and other “necessities”, whose procurement for senseless luxury results in no less senseless destruction of forests and extermination of a number of irreplaceable species of terrestrial flora and fauna, can protest against the council included in point ten. If an ecological approach to the environment is considered a “non-Christian-occult manifestation”, I refuse to be ranked among Christians! The current growth of humanity is devastating the natural living conditions on Earth, which supports all existing life. We need to restore a sensible balance.