AMERICAN STONEHENGE – granite monument

Granite monument


Our leaders draw us into a world in which we could eventually blow ourselves up and perhaps endanger the very existence of the planet…It is high time to realize all the wonderful things on this earth, and the Georgian stones demand it (Yoko Ono, widow of John Lennon).

The granite monument became the subject of interest of conspiracy theorists. One of them, an activist named Mark Dice, demanded that the monument be broken into a million pieces. He declared that the monument was of satanic origin and that R. C. Christian belonged to the Luciferian secret society, striving for a New World Order.

In a 2008 documentary entitled Endgame: Elite’s Blueprint For Global Enslavement, Alex Jones, a radio talkshows and fact-telling filmmaker, inter alia said the granite monument was allegedly erected by representatives of the secret Rosicrucian Order.

As for the “mysterious identity of R. C. Christian,” it is simple — most likely an acronym for “Rosencrucian,” a member of the “Brotherhood of the Rose and Cross,” founded by Christian Rosenkreuz (1378-1484). In this context, the work “Confessio Fraternitatis” (1615) is particularly important, emphasizing the need to regenerate man and society as a whole. It states that the Rosicrucians have a philosophy that will enable it.

The Rosicrucians were almost every eminent philosopher, physician, and thinker of the time, including a number of alchemists searching for the roots of life and the “sage’s stone.” There was no one among them who committed any inhuman acts.

The granite monument is located on a hill, the top of which is the highest point of the Elbert County region in the state of Georgia. The place is located about 140 km east of Atlanta and about 14 km north of Elberton. The rocks are not far from Georgia Highway 77, from which they are visible. A road marked Guidestones Rd leads to them.

In 2008, the granite slabs were sprayed with red polyurethane paint in a vandal way. Among other things, the inscription “Death to the New World Order” appeared.