American Stonehenge – A mysterious legacy to mankind

Georgian advisory stones

A huge granite monument rises on one of the highest peaks in Elbert County, Georgia. 10 principles or commandments are engraved in eight languages into four huge stones supporting a common arch. This monument is called the “Georgian Advisory Stones”, sometimes also the “American Stonehenge.



The origin of this strange monument is shrouded in mystery, as no one knows the true identity of the person or people who had set up this construction. What is certain is that in June 1979, a well-dressed, evidently educated man visited the Elberton Granite Society office, saying that he wanted to build a building that conveyed an important message to humanity.


A mysterious legacy to humanity


He introduced himself as R. C. Christian, but apparently it was not a real name. He said he was a representative of a group that wanted offer to mankind the path of humanity.

To this day, no one knows who R. C. Christian really was and does not know the names of those he represented. However, several things are obvious. The message of the Georgian Advisory Stones touches on four main areas:

(1) Government and institutions of world government

(2) Control of population and reproduction

(3) The environment and people’s relationship to nature

(4) Spirituality.


The book by the author, R. C. Christian, can be found in the Elberton Public Library. The monument, which he once commissioned, was established in the sense of the occult philosophy already held by Thomas Paine. Georgian advisory stones are indeed still the site of occult ceremonies and mystical ceremonies. It is tragic that the only priest in the area who found the courage to openly oppose “American Stonehenge” was relocated by his superiors.

This world is slowly but surely heading for disaster. Even today, most people on this planet are starving and living – to put it mildly – in very unworthy conditions. The coming energy crisis in the next twenty years, if not earlier, is inevitable.



The message of the Georgian stones


Keep the human population below 500,000,000 in constant balance with nature.

Manage reproduction with wise consideration of improving physical condition and diversity.

Unite humanity with a new living language.

Master the passions – faith – traditions and solve all things amicably.

Protect people and nations with honest laws and righteous judgments.

Let all nations follow internal norms and let external disputes be resolved by a world court.

Get rid of banal laws and unnecessary officials.

Balance personal rights with social responsibilities.

Appreciate truth, beauty and love in the pursuit of harmony with infinity.

Don’t be the cancer of the Earth – give space to nature – leave space to nature.

Limiting the country’s population to less than 500 million would require the extermination of nine out of ten people in the world’s population. Stonehenge, referring to the establishment of a world court, outlines the current move to create an international criminal court and a world government. The emphasis on nature conservation anticipates the environmental movement of the 1990s, and the mention of striving for harmony with infinity reflects current efforts to replace the Judeo-Christian faith with new spirituality.