Implementation and innovation of PSP Vertriebs GmbH

The right person to tell us about the establishment of PSP Vertriebs GMBH and its realizations, new trends and the relationship with PSP Engineering a.s. was Vladimír Wieser, one of the company’s founders and its director.


What purpose was the company established for?

PSP Vertriebs was established in 1995 from a smaller trading company PIN in Wiesbaden, then founded by two natural persons, one Czech and one German, and PSP Těžká strojírna a.s., later PSP Engineering a.s.

The purpose was to manage the machines delivered by Foreign Trade Enterprises (PZO) to Germany in the period before 1989. It was a matter of providing a spare parts warehouse and a service point. In 2015, after retreat of my Czech partner, the company came completely owned by PSP Engineering a.s. in the Czech Republic.

Today, PSP Vertriebs has four employees and is doing well. Its turnover is in hundreds of millions of CZK and around a thousand crushers and about forty operating lines sold. In summary, the result of our activities since the establishment of the company is successful and stable.


What are the main types of PSP Vertriebs machines and equipment supplied?

Jaw crushers, cone crushers, reflectors, as well as sorters, sand and gravel washers + mills, whether for dry or wet technology and operating units. Our specialty is large double-jaw crushers for large quarries. Nowadays, these types are produced by a minimum of suppliers and demand is specific but constant. A disadvantage of these machines, thanks to the material castings, is their high purchase price. We have been trying to solve this for many years by withdrawing (taking into part exchange) of used machines, from which we separate large castings that undergo defectoscopy. The sored contact surfaces are pre-machined, weld-repaired, heat-treated and machined to original drawing dimensions. Then it is completed with new components such as bearings, shafts, labyrinths, etc. The machine can be compared to a new machine and, importantly, the purchase price is less than half. For example, dozens of these large machines, which were previously removed from service in the Czech Republic completely unnecessarily, have been working in this way in Germany for many years.


Where does PSP Vertriebs supply its technology?

It is primarily Germany, Ireland and Italy. We have been very well established in Germany since 1995, we have an extensive spare parts warehouse and service point in Wiesbaden. The main deliveries are focused on smaller jaw crushers, cone crushers and large double-arm crushers. Recently, we also supply an average of 20 to 25 mobile devices per year. Here we have a strong partner BMD Heidelberg and cooperation with him is very intensive. In addition to the classic workshop facilities, the company also rents out mobile crushing equipment. We have been supplying crushers and components for mobile machines for these rentals for more than 25 years.

In 2015, we expanded our cooperation to the joint development of mobile technology on the PSP Vertriebs – Resta lnc. – BMD Platform. We have expanded container crushing units with tracked mobile devices. The cooperation with Resta is very reliable and many of the delivered equipment with our crushers brought a huge exchange of experience and a response to the necessary modifications and optimizations of the equipment. Another advantage is the immediate possibility of deploying the newly developed devices and their supervised testing in real life in Resta’s own facilities and in the BMD rental park.

We established ourselves in Ireland after 2000. Since 1990, the remnants of the Foreign Trade Company have been serviced here by private entities, mostly former PSP employees. Exports almost stopped and the PSP was forgotten in Ireland. At the time, the PSP was not the only one to experience this outflow.



Source: Lomy a těžba