Many people shop online on a regular basis. They may shop for things small or expensive, objects of everyday use, they may buy with investment in their mind, buy things with a short life time or such ones which are supposed to last for years. Scientific studies indicate that the basic reasons for shopping online are: the possibility of choosing the goods in peace and of saving time. The Diakers application also provides these advantages.

The Diakers application was introduced to the readers of Kurier Kamieniarski in the April issue of the journal. It is the application that was first introduce by the M + Q company to offer support for companies buying stone plates from this supplier. The application enables remote purchase of blocks and i tis also possible to arrange for the plates to be cut into plates of any thickness and type of surface treatment.

In the application, the customer can see a visualisation of how efficient the selected division of the block into plates would be, the unit cost, as well as the total value of the order. Thanks to this, they can easily modify the order by selecting the number of plates, their thickness and the type of surface treatment.

These days, when we are trying to avoid direct contacts, this form of shopping is a proposition worth our attention. The application is a valuable proposition not only because of the current pandemic. We tend to work at an ever greater speed, and time has become for us a value that cannot be underestimated. The Diakers application saves a lot of money and is very easy to use.

When buying online, we usually also check who the seller is. In the case of proposals for purchases in the Diakers application, we are dealing with a supplier that has been known for years and has a stable reputation on the market. Marble & Quartzite Polska is a company that does not need to be introduced. It has been operating on the Polish market since 2000 (worldwide since 1932) and is part of the international concern Finstone. M + Q has several branches throughout the country. It is also a regular participant of trade fairs and other events in the stone industry.

As Michał Nowak (M + Q) told us, the application will be further developed. From next week on, selected customers will be able to purchase blocks, and soon it will be possible for customers to buy tools and stone chemicals via the application. Diakers co-operates with proven and reliable suppliers.

Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: M+Q   |   Published: 17.11.2020