Natural stone will complement any interior

... or stones can speak

People have been using stone since the beginning of time. Today we can use advanced technology to produce a number of artificial and synthetic materials. However, we will always keep using natural stone despite all the options provided by the latest technology. Natural stone is a high-grade material and the Czech lands abound with all types of stone. It is no wonder that in the Czech Republic there are hundreds of masons. We took a peek into a stonemason’s workshop and gathered useful information about the utilization of natural stone in the interior.

The variety of stone materials allows for a wide-ranging use of stone in private as well as commercial interiors. Natural stone tiles, veneer, skirting, kitchen countertops and sinks, bathroom countertops and wash basins, or tabletops are popular for its attractiveness and durability. Every stone is an irreproducible original – just like people. We can choose from many types, structures, shapes, and colours. Stone can become a dominant feature of the interior, or it can only accentuate certain elements.

Some people might think that stone would look odd in the interior. Quite the contrary – stone is the perfect material to use in our homes. We can choose from tiles and veneer with exact dimensions and polished surface to irregular slabs with roughly cut and naturally coarse surface. Laying and maintaining natural stone tiles and veneer is easy.


Granite is durable, easy to maintain, and long-lasting. Granite veneer and tiles can be used together with floor heating and heating panels. Granite looks good with a variety of surface finishes. The average price is CZK 400 per m2.


Marble combines high quality with an extraordinary look. Its great advantage is that it comes in many shapes and colours. Marble can be cut into large tiles and thin slabs, it can be used for tiles and veneer. Polished marble is extremely easy to maintain. Unworked marble can be used for reinforcing masonry or wall facing to create an illusion of a stone wall. Prices start at CZK 600 per m2.


Quartzite is extremely hard and therefore a high-quality stone. It is scratch resistant and virtually indestructible. It is used to make tiles, floors, staircases, fireplaces, and window sills.

Natural stone veneer makes any interior look more attractive. Even a simple slate or sandstone strips can make any room, entrance hall or conservatory cosy. You can get creative with stone veneer and have a stone mosaic made as well.

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Natural stone needs very little maintenance. All you need to do is rinse it with water. Avoid using aggressive or abrasive cleaning products, and keep natural stone away from grease and chemicals. Although stone is virtually non-absorbent, once these substances penetrate stone, they are difficult to remove.


We know that no two stones are the same. Every stone has its unique shape, colour, and structure. If you emphasize individuality, originality and appeal, stone is the perfect material for you. If you appreciate material that is durable and long-lasting, natural stone is also the answer. Embrace natural stone in your home.

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