How to choose natural stone?

Once you have chosen the right type of natural stone based on the intended use and your budget (the price is determined by the origin of stone, its thickness and the way it is worked), all you need to do is choose the right colour for you. Both the colour and structure of stone are best assessed outside in broad daylight. Do not pick stone veneer or tiles in the interior, however well-lit the room may be. It is also advisable to touch the stone to get the feel of it. A good stonemason will help you with the selection process.


When it comes to stone as a building material, granite is a classic. This type of stone is hard, durable, has a low absorbability, and is weatherproof. Granite is typically used for window sills, tiles, staircases, or headstones and tombstones. In the interior granite can be often seen in the kitchen – granite countertops are virtually indestructible.


Marble is more absorbable and softer than granite, but it offers a greater variety of colours. It often boasts lovely swirls and veins, which are basically mineral impurities. The irregular veining (marbling) is often imitated. Marble can be found in various colours, including white, pink, or green. We often use marble in the less exposed places in the interior. If we wish to have a marble fireplace like the ones we can see in castles, we will need to reach deep into our pocket. Marble is not suitable for outdoor use. 


Originally used only in construction, sandstone is now used for artistic purposes as well. Sandstone often adorns exterior walls or is used to make staircases. Because it is easily workable, it can be used for decorative elements with small details. When it comes to colour, sandsone can range from grey and yellow to red and multi-colour varieties. 

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Slate and quartzite

The most suitable types of stone for tiles are slate and quartzite. These exotic-looking stones are usually imported, as it is the only way to guarantee quality and sufficient size of individual slabs equivalent to standard ceramic tiles. Slate and quartzite are used both in the exterior and interior. We can install floor heating under the slate and quartzite tiles. The customer can choose the face side of the stone based on their preference. Slate is often used as a unique-looking roofing material. 

How to care for natural stone

Stone is imperishable, but when used outdoor, the surface needs to be treated for the stone to keep its appearance. There is a variety of impregnating substances that can be used to treat natural stone. The applied impregnation forms a thin film that is virtually invisible. Impregnation is always applied on dry and clean stone.

Stone tiles are treated with a protective layer that protects the stone from grease and spilt liquid. Stone floor can be cleaned using any common detergent, except those which contain a descaling agent. 

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