Mistakes are made at construction sites. This can just happen. And it is important that the mistakes are prevented by workers, foremen, site managers, supervisors, investors and users.



It seems to me that we often end up in a situation where, for some reason (social, political, financial…), the eye of supervision is blinded and does not notice the bubble. If it is a private investment – that is his business and his money. We have nothing to do with it. We can possibly laugh at it. It is worse when public money is spent on an investment whose effect, in my opinion, is poor. I have the impression that in such cases the quality of workmanship is of secondary importance – those supervising the construction lose their eyesight and pretend that everything is great.

Let me refer here to a former article published in Kurier Kamieniarski (No. 4/2017, “A Hidden Enemy” – editor’s note) concerning the revitalisation of a representative promenade in Rzeszów? The contractors soiled the granite slabs with resins in a concert-like fashion. Everyone pretended that there was nothing to see, that it was just the way it was supposed to be and that maybe one day it would come off. There were great celebrations and festivities, but the dirty pavement stayed.

We have another example of a sudden shortage of the sense of sight – the renovation of the Old Market in Bydgoszcz. An interesting project, various granite colours, many people involved in the job. The problem arose again during the grouting – traces of resin remained on the slabs around the joints.

Interestingly, while the work was being carried out, the problem of resin staining was noticed by local Internet portals. Apparently the city authorities decided that it would disappear eventually. I made a trip to the Old Market more than year after the stone was laid. Well, you can see the effects yourself.



Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: Michał Firlej   |   Published: 21.12.2020