The recent boom in the ‘construction industry’ and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have left many companies making worktops, stairs, tombstones and suchlike businesses complaining of a sudden boom in contracts. “We have so many orders that we get lost in them, customers call with complaints, we work 12 hours a day, and instead of moving forward the work keeps getting stuck.” – These are the words of one customer who came to us looking for a solution to these problems.



Working in the traditional way, as it used to be before the flood of orders, Tomasz was still able to keep up with everything, although, like many of his competitors, he complained about chaos and the fact that it was difficult for them to plan or arrange subsequent orders. He had explained this by the nature of the trade, though.

In practice, there was one big mess: an employee would start working on a kitchen worktop, then someone would lose a piece of paper with guidelines or, after a phone call from a client, would draw on it to make changes. Suddenly, another urgent topic would pop up and Tomasz would rearrange everything, changing priorities, thereby only adding fuel to the fire, and the work would get completely bogged down.

It ended with costly mistakes in production, working overtime, unpleasant complains about delays and, despite significant turnover, no more money. This is how Tomek, looking for a solution, gave Prodio a chance.


All customer orders, projects and progress in one place

Considering the conditions in the shop floor, a computer in production is not the first thing that comes to mind for streamlining work, but in practice there is so much potential for convenience in few industries.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, there are more and more small stone companies in Poland that, from taking the order in conversation with the customer, adding photos or visualising the project, through production and tracking progress at every stage, to registering the installation on site or erecting a monument, have everything arranged in one place with Prodio.

In the order, which automatically goes to production, you can enter all relevant details and attach files, so there’s less risk of error and you save money. After all, you’re working with a very expensive raw material – how many times has a plate gone to waste because a name on a monument was twisted.

In addition, there is no need for manual transcription, so you avoid crossing out and deciphering illegible “scribbles”, and if you want, you can issue cards describing exactly what and where it should be – because everything is available online via your computer and tablet, without even leaving your home or going to work.





Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: Prodio | Published: 12.05.2021