Full control of the production process from the first cut to assembly


Imagine that in the system you have every operation, the full time that went into the execution of the order and the time of starting and fiishing the job. You can also check how much the actual execution time differs from the set norm.

Your employees (even the “computer illiterate” ones) have a task queue given on the screen in an accessible way, so they know what to do and how to do it. They also have a preview of files, comments left by you and other parameters. They simply click on the progress of work and you – from your mobile phone or home computer – know who is doing what and when.



The production programme via the Internet also offers the possibility of accounting for work in the field. The team going to the assembly at the end of work takes photos of the finished order. Everything is fast, efficient and trouble-free, and the order from the client changes its status to closed with detailed costs.


The bittersweet truth about not being able to afford this solution in terms of time and money

“Millions of coins for a production management and control program?” – maybe it used to be topical, but the innovative and simple TOOL PRODIO IS AN INVESTMENT STARTING AT £197 per month per company, and it is literally life changing. No more discs wasted by an error and elimination of working overtime and it’s already paying for itself (and it’s clear from customer feedback that there is real increase in productivity by 15-20%)

“I would buy it, but we don’t have time to implement something like this.“ This is no excuse, as it takes less than a day to go from the first click to full deployment and beginning to record work in the plant! You can do everything yourself while drinking a coffee, because it’s as simple as operating an email client. You have full technical support over the phone.

Join the revolution because your competition is there already- go to and give it your time now!




Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: Prodio | Published: 12.05.2021