Three haul-trucks Cat 725 for ČLUZ

Czech shale plants have taken over new Cat haul-trucks Cat 725 from the representatives the Zeppellin CZ company. The Cat technology has a long tradition at the plant and has proven very useful in the difficult conditions of a shale quarry. That is also why, the car park will be reinforced by three new Cat machines.



The quarrying of raw and production of fired shale has a tradition longer than a century in the Nové Strašecí region. The Czech shale plants have been running it since 1958. Shale, which is a kind of heatproof mud rock, is also processed here and fired in a rotary kiln.

It is then used as an ingredient for different materials. Starting from sanitary ceramics, up to heatproof bricks and shaped blocks.


The CAT car park

In order to be able to process something, you first need to quarry it. The shale deposit at Nové Strašecí in the Rakovník region, is one of the biggest in Europe. The Caterpillar machines have been helping with quarrying here since 1987, when the first Cat D8N dozer was bought. Ever since, the Cat technology car park has been constantly reinforced and renewed. The newest additions is the trio of articulated haul trucks Cat 725.


Articulated truck

Cat 725 is a three-point suspension articulated haul truck from the new line of Cat machines. Thanks to its 250 kW power

and torque more than 1,700 Nm of the Cat C9.3 engine, these machines have no problem with loads bigger than 24 tons in the hardest conditions of a quarry. Modern technologies than ensure easy control of the machine. This haul truck is equipped with all possible technology: there is a differential locking system, traction control, tilting sensors and scales. Most of its functions are controlled by the machine itself, the operator is therefore not overloaded with tasks and can concentrate fully on his work.


Ceremonial handover

The trio of brand-new machines were personally handed over to the representatives of ČLUZ by the CEO of Zeppelin CZ, Mr. Stanislav Chládek. “It is great to see new yellow machines at work. We are proud of our cooperation with the Czech shale plants and we are looking forward to new challenges that are waiting here for the Cat machines,” says Chládek. All three machines were immediately, after the handover and crew training, put to work in the quarry. They will be cooperating here with Cat 374 F excavator, handed over in the year 2018.



Source: Lomy a těžba