The world premiere of the telescopic articulated loader Liebherr L 509 Tele

Customers of the Liebherr company now have at their disposal a universal specialised machine, articulated telescopic loader L 509 Tele.


The Liebherr company combines in this machine the height of the lift and work reach of a common articulated loader with a productive transfer power of a classic wheel loader. The new telescopic articulated loader L509 Tele connects the advantages of two classes in one machine. The variant of a stereo loader Liebherr L 509 Speeder was used as a starting point in the development of the machine. This means that the telescopic articulated loader has a time-tested stereo steering and thanks to a powerful hydrostatic drive of the carriage, it can reach up to 38 km/h in its serial version. At the same time, it meets the requirements of the emission V/Tier 4f regulation.


Higher universality

The new telescopic off-loader offers many advantages with respect to height of the lift and its reach. The Liebherr stereo machine, the time-proven combination of an articulated machine with steered rear axle, enables great manoeuvrability of the machine. Application of this combined technological solution to this new L 509 Tele loader makes this machine a flexible partner. For example, in gardening and agriculture, in communal services, in winter road maintenance, or in the recycling industry. On constructions of all kinds, it will serve as multi-versed helper that can be controlled safely even by a less experienced operator.


Comfort cabin.

The telescopic articulated L 509 Tele loader is equipped with one of the most spacious cabins in its class. Apart from a lot of space, it excells in the organisation of the cabin and its clear arrangement.  A special feature is the height adjustable 9″ touch screen which shows all the information so that it is well visible.


Intelligent announcer

Especially when the telescopic off-loader is stuck out, there are enormous physical forces that affect the machine thanks to the physical law of the lever. This is why the Liebherr company supplies the serial L 509 loaders equipped with an intelligent announcer of overload, which consists of limiting the moment of load and indication of the load moment on the screen.


Reliable machine

There are many known characteristics of the reliable serial line of stereo loaders Liebherr that are still valid for this new telescopic articulated loader. L 509 Tele has, thanks to a new stereo steering, a lowered bend angle, and that by 30°. Because of that, when transporting heavy burdens, the centre of mass stays in the centre of the machine, which increases its stability.


Performance parameters of the telescopic articulated Liebherr L 509 Tele loader.

An overview of the performance parameters of the new articulated telescopic L 509 Tele loader in the standard version: 

  • Tipping load in bend: 3,800 kg
  • bucket capacity: 0.9 m³
  • Operating weight t: 7,000 kg
  • Maximum lifting height of the pallet prongs: 4,800 mm
  • Rated output (ISO 14396): 54 kW / 73 PS

The emission levels of combustion gases do not reach the limits set for the V/Tier 4f level.



Source: Lomy a těžba