Hydraulic – transmission oils TOTAL – DYNATRANS ACX

Formulations of modern oils of the DYNATRANS ACX series are developed and recommended for use in hydraulic and transmission mechanisms of construction machines and mining technology machines.


They excel in high efficiency, enhanced abrasion and corrosion protection and extended service replacement intervals. These are mainly applications in hydraulic circuits, on-load gearboxes, axle and final drives, friction disc brakes, etc., where machine manufacturers require the following specifications:

  • ZF TE ML 03C (SAE 10W a 30)
  • ZF TE ML 07F (SAE 30)
  • API GL-4, recommended for JCB etc …

The DYNATRANS ACX range of hydraulic transmission oils represents 3 products in the SAE 10 W, 30 and 50 viscosity ranges, which are required directly by service manuals for the maintenance of specific machine mechanisms.


Oil formulations excel in the following properties:

  • Excellent anti-abrasion and anti-corrosion properties increasing the service life of machine units
  • Very good compatibility with seals without aggressive effects on oil system hoses
  • SAE 10W excels in very fast air separation and filterability preventing cavitation risk in hydraulic pumps
  • Effective friction properties for machine materials CATERPILLAR, KOMATSU…
  • High shear stability ensuring volumetric efficiency of hydraulic pumps
  • Very good fluidity at low temperatures, easy winter starts, immediate efficiency
  • Formulation based on selected base oils and modern additives ensuring improved oxidation resistance at high temperatures and extended service intervals
  • Good emulsifying properties keep condensing water in the emulsion and thus prevent pump failures in winter and rapid degradation in summer

The DYNATRANS ACX range of oils, developed for extended service oil change intervals, in combination with the above-mentioned RUBIA WORKS 4000 engine oils, ensures long-term reliable, economical and ecological operation of mining equipment with powerful lubrication.



Diagnostic system of operating cartridges RUBIA WORKS 4000 and DYNATRANS ACX

The economy of operation of quarrying mechanisms can be further increased by regular monitoring of the technical condition of the above-mentioned operating cartridges in order to determine the parameters of the actual operating cartridge during operation, as well as evaluating possible defects or deviations from the appropriate technical condition and recommending timely appropriate service.

The TOTAL ANAC diagnostic system, long developed by TOTAL since 1967 in cooperation with manufacturers of construction machinery and quarry mechanisms, thus contains more than 3,000,000 analyzed filling samples for a large number of mechanism aggregates. On this basis, in addition to determining the technical condition of the actual operating cartridge, a deviation or an emerging defect in the mechanism unit is also indicated with high probability.



Source: Lomy a těžba