Newly developed TOTAL operating fluids for construction and mining machinery significantly reduce fuel consumption

Newly developed machinery in the field of mining technology and mechanisms used in quarries require a sophisticated maintenance system to ensure long-term reliable operation. Undoubtedly, part of this system is the selection and application of suitable types of lubricants and operating fluids, including monitoring of their technical condition during operation in order to prevent the occurrence of undesirable technical outages of the equipment.


The petroleum and energy company TOTAL has been developing lubricants and monitoring of their technical condition during operation for construction machinery, mechanisms used in quarries and mining equipment for a long time, with an emphasis on economic and ecological parameters of lubricants.

The latest types of lubricants are focused mainly on the economical operation of mechanisms, i.e. on the application of formulations of so-called FE (“Fuel Economy”) lubricants with an enhanced support effect reducing the fuel consumption of the operated machine. The maximum effect can be achieved by the simultaneous use of FE lubricants in all machine units (internal combustion engine, gearbox, hydraulic-transmission mechanisms, axle gears …).



Under the name RUBIA WORKS 4000, TOTAL has developed a range of modern environmentally friendly and economical engine oils for quarry mechanisms and loaders equipped with conventional internal combustion engines and especially engines with devices to control and reduce emissions (DPF particulate filters, EGR exhaust gas recirculation valves, selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides – AD Blue technology) …

This range of new engine oils consists of RUBIA WORKS 4000 15W-40 engine oil based on petroleum mineral, as well as synthetic light-duty oil supporting significant fuel savings (Fuel Economy – fuel savings of 3 to 5% depending on the type of operation) RUBIA WORKS 4000 FE 10W-30. In both cases, these are low-ash motor oils meeting the latest API CK-4 performance standard, which defines stricter requirements especially for the demanding operation of diesel internal combustion engines for commercial off-road vehicles, construction and mining machinery equipped with equipment to reduce emissions. Higher level of technical parameters of RUBIA WORKS 4000 oils:

  • maintains up to 70% higher level of engine cleanliness in terms of sediment formation (CATERPILLAR C13 Test Limit – piston group)
  • reduces oil oxidation by 70% at higher temperatures (Volvo T13 Test Limit)
  • reduces transmission wear by 50% (Cummins ISB Test Limit)



Source: Lomy a těžba