Fréza na kámen

This is the first machine of this type in Poland. It makes polishing sides much easier, it works there where power tools held in hands of a stonemason were previously used. The purpose of its creation was to make stonemasons’ work easier, and at the same time not requiring highly specialised skills. It is a manual siding machine designed for milling, polishing and drilling holes in the profile of gravestones. It enables work at any angle on any profile and curve – both on external and internal radii. Working with the machine is basically limited to guiding the head along the curvature of the inscription plaque. After setting the head angle and vertical oscillation stroke, the sign board side grinder will polish the sides, automatically maintaining the appropriate tool pressure.


It is equipped with a dual-range motor: 1,435 rpm (for polishing and finishing), 2,865 rpm (for drilling and milling). The head is designed to fit 1/2′ and M14 tools – this allows working with milling cutters, drills and all polishing tools. Water is fed through the spindle. Thanks to this it rinses out the sludge well and does not rub the sides.

It has an integrated hydraulic pump, which is responsible for oscillating and lifting the head above the board to prepare the machine for edge chamfering.

The board side grinder has been on the market for 8 months. K&K has already sold more than 15 units and has many orders for more. This confirms that the machine is wanted in stone workshops and that its price is attractive.

It makes work very easy and, unlike hand tools, does not require much skill to do a good finish on the sides.


Features of the machine

– polishing of sides

– milling, mending after sawing

– drilling holes

– chamfering

– possibility to work at any angle

– water fed through the head spindle

– vertical oscillation of the head

– integrated hydraulic pump

– pneumatic, adjustable side pressure on the material

More information, as well as demo videos showing the machine in operation:



Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: Kurier Kamieniarski | Published: 02.03.2021