Certiq – communicate with your machine

Epiroc Certiq is a telematics system enabling remote control of working machines for underground construction or surface and exploratory drilling from the company Epiroc.


With this device, you can access up-to-date machine operation data at any time, making it easier to find out and evaluate its productivity or plan follow-up work. Simultaneously with remote sending of work diagrams or notification of regular service inspections, it increases the efficiency of the machine.


The Epiroc Certiq system is designed to allow easy installation on all types of Epiroc machines, whether hydraulically operated or the latest – computer-controlled. New machines are already automatically equipped with this system, however, there are also installation kits containing all the components needed to mount the device on the machine and to communicate with the machine (control unit, transmitter, multifunction antennas, necessary cables, documentation).



The Certiq user can easily obtain up-to-date information about the monitored machine by simply logging in to the web application with a username and password. Login takes place via an encrypted protocol, which ensures system security and minimizes the risk of unauthorized access to the system and misuse of sensitive information. The system can also be accessed from mobile devices.

After logging into the system, you can easily access the most important categories:

  • current machine status (machine type, GPS position, current status)
  • information on the production of the machine, including graphical representation (hours worked, drilled metres, amount of material removed or volume of sprayed concrete)
  • information on machine consumption and CO2 emissions (current or total machine consumption and emissions)
  • simple machine diagnostics or sending error messages or alarms
  • sending and receiving additional data (eg uploading drilling diagrams to the machine)
  • the need for regular service inspections
  • data export to MS Office format and subsequent fast and clear evaluation of results


The website is designed with an emphasis on maximum clarity and ergonomics, it is easy to go from the overall to a detailed view. If the customer owns multiple machines equipped with the Certiq system, filters can be used to make it easier to identify the machines.

The Certiq system can be used to monitor the current or overall performance of individual machines, the information can then be used to optimize work processes and increase their productivity or efficiency.



Source: Lomy a těžba