The headline itself encounters an issue that is typical in the engineering world for machines and technological equipment requiring low output speeds and high output torque. For these purposes, the planetary gearbox product is known to all users of machine technology.


It is this drive concept that allows high torque to be transmitted at low output speeds. The general principle of the planetary gearbox design is a planetary gearing, or a set of gears for multi-stage planetary gearboxes, which consists of a planetary gearbox with a central wheel, satellites, a satellite carrier and a crown wheel.


New PPK gearboxes – series

As the world’s leading manufacturer of drive technology, SEW-EURODRIVE is not lagging behind in this area either, and it is launching a new product – PPK series gearboxes, which enable power transmission in the rated torque range from 2,300 Nm to 23,900 Nm over a large range of gear ratios i = 71 to 390.

The customer can choose from several possible connection concepts with the electric motor thanks to the modular system and thus choose the optimal solution according to requirements. All this in combination with other optional accessories, including the option of choosing the type of output shaft, the method of mounting the gearbox and other elements used to ensure safe and reliable operation.


The result of the work of a team of experts is the excellent endurance of planetary gearboxes in dusty environments and in degraded operating conditions, making it suitable for meeting the most difficult requirements.

The PPK series gearboxes show a high level of processing, which reflects the manufacturer’s experience and its long-standing presence on the market in the field of drive technologies.


Large range of technological applications

This new product complements our other P, P-X and XP series planetary gearboxes. As a result, SEW-EURODRIVE products, together with other types of gear units and gearmotors, are able to cover a wide range of technological applications and machinery in many industries. Whether it is the mining, cement industry or the production and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. However, they have also found their application in agriculture, waste treatment and in many other sectors, where they play the role of a reliable partner.


Online support section

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Source: Lomy a těžba