The newest Pantera DP1100i at the DOLVAP company

The fresh wind, which has been blowing into the sails of Sandvik, has brought on a first really big success in Slovakia. An important customer, the DOLVAP s.r.o, company, has decided, after more than fifteen years, to change its supplier of drilling technologies and switched, thanks to the Rocktech company, to Sandvik. This has again confirmed that Slovakian customers are open to changes.


The DOLVAP s.r.o. company bought the newest, computer operated drilling rig Pantera DP1100i, which is equipped with special tools of 60 mm diameter. A more detailed description and results will follow in one of the next issues of Quarries and Mining.


The strategy is important

The current conditions on the market are not easy for Sandvik and Rocktech at all, it is definitely no walk in the park. The upcoming years will be marked by hard work. If we want to change placid and deep-rooted ways, we will need a lot of this courage. The way we started is difficult and has many obstacles but it is positive that the numbers of sold machines are, although slowly, growing in the Czech Republic, as well as in Slovakia or Poland.

At the end, it should be noted that the nice effort of the Sandvik/Rocktech union and the evening of the market and the effort to become a dynamic agent of events, should be appreciated and welcomed by everyone in the field. We know the importance of competition. Let us just remark at the end that Sandvik in cooperation with Rocktech are preparing a huge surprise, but we will leave that for the next time.



Source: Lomy a těžba