The new Pantera DP 1100i has arrived to Slovakia

The Sandvik brand continues in carrying out of structural changes of the marketing strategy for thewhole middle Europe. In cooperation with the Rocktech company in the Czech Republic and Slovakian Republic, these steps gradually brought and are still bringing the first results.


Possibilities of cooperation

Last year, Sandvik, in the area of Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia started already the developing of cooperation between these regions. The market is, to a larger extent, inter-connected, and common interests have been mapped. The possibilities of cooperation in the areas of servicing, marketing etc. have been evaluated. Sandvik PL, representing the Czech Republic as well as Slovakia, (Rocktech) were tasked to prepare for the changes that, because of generational, political, and lately also pandemic reasons, will undoubtedly come.

Currently, the market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is still set on the same course it has been, with its unshakable logic, following for the last 20 years without greater upheavals. Sandvik is therefore building its new structure for Middle Europe, not taking into consideration only the present, but especially the medium-term strategy. The current drilling and blasting technologies market is constantly developing. The reality with perspective of three to five years will undoubtedly change.


Important human factor

Drilling technology has undergone, in the last 15-20 years, unbelievable development. Especially in the use of modern technologies which widened the possibilities, and, also, changed the behaviour, not only of the operators, but also of the suppliers. There is experience of 15 years in applying the use of computers in the area of surface drilling rigs in Central Europe. Today, after this time has passed, we can see the positives, but also the limits and negatives which the use of modern computer technologies have brought on.  There is no space to start a more detailed description, but it is also true that the human factor still plays an important, more precisely the most important role. The modern technologies then have, more or less, a complementary function.


Competition is healthy

There is no doubt that the competitive environment is important for well working market. Moving the pendulum too much to one or the other side, can be dangerous and can also subsequently create deformations of the market which can then start a chain reaction.

Sandvik plans to, on the basis of decisions that were made in recent past or are going to be made in the future, strengthen its role in Central Europe and soundly prepare for the nearest future.   The goal is to maintain a slim marketing organisation with a simple administration.


Stabilisation of service

In the past year, during the basic structural changes, Sandvik, in cooperation with the Rocktech company, has registered more significant successes which can be attributed to these changes. This year’s stabilisation, especially in the area of service, as well as in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland, joint marketing events, and cross-border cooperation, have showed a way which works and is going to be developed more in the future.



Source: Lomy a těžba