The new Liebherr L 526, L 538 and L 546 universal wheel loaders are celebrating their world premiere


The new Liebherr mid-range wheel loaders are celebrating their world premiere. A number of innovations ensure that these three models L 526, L 538 and L 546 remain true to their reputation as powerful and reliable universal machines.


The main advantages

The advantages of the new wheel loaders include, for example, a significant increase in traction drive power, modifications to the boom kinematics and a newly designed operator’s cab. All three models meet V / Tier 4f emission guidelines thanks to reliable flue gas treatment. For the first time, innovative assistance systems and a new joystick control used in large XPower wheel loaders are available also in the mid-range.


During development, Liebherr engineers optimized the proven hydrostatic traction drive of all three models. In addition, the L 538 and L 546 have received much higher engine power, and the L 546 now features a powerful new six-cylinder engine. The result is a significant increase in performance with consistently high reliability. Thanks to the hydrostatic drive, fuel consumption remains low, which reduces fuel costs and CO2 emissions.


Optimization of boom kinematics

The new Liebherr mid-range wheel loaders continue to be offered with two boom kinematics. First, Z-kinematics with high forces in the lower positions of the boom. Furthermore, parallel kinematics with high force in the upper region and with parallel guidance. This makes it suitable for industrial use with heavy work tools, such as scrap metal or glass reloading.


Liebherr has innovated both variants of boom kinematics for this new range. For example, the L 538 and L 546 models are equipped with larger lifting cylinders, which increases the lifting force by 20% compared to the previous generation. The newly reinforced bucket arms of the Z-kinematics increase robustness.

Thanks to the electro-hydraulic control in combination with the standard bucket programming function, the bucket and pallet fork positions can be adjusted on both models from the large 9 “display. The result is more efficient work and increased productivity.

The new optional end position damping saves wheel loaders and, in addition, minimizes the burden on machine operators by reducing vibrations. These functions allow a smooth approach to the end position of the work equipment and the boom kinematics. This increases the service life of all components, but especially the kinematics of the boom and built-in equipment.


Focused on cabin comfort

Liebherr has been inspired by the new XPower large wheel loaders with its new cab concept. The new cab of the mid-range wheel loaders offers spectacular space, thanks in part to a 40 mm forward pedal shift. A special feature is the enlarged, height-adjustable 9″ touch screen, which displays all information with good visibility. Thanks to optimized menu navigation, all settings can be made even more intuitively and adjusted quickly to the desired situation.


The large glass areas of the new cab ensure a good view in all directions. Flying pieces, eg during scrap handling or in recycling facilities, are a threat to the windshield. That’s why Liebherr offers an optional protective grille that can be folded up for cleaning.



Source: Lomy a těžba