PSP Vertriebs at CQMS expo in Ireland

The CQMS exhibition at the Molloy’s Gravel Pit in Tullamore is similar to the Czech EXPO ‘Lesní Lom’ (Forest Quarry), it is very efficient and lively. As Ireland is small, “everyone knows everyone” there, and every two years the machines are sold straight from the show.


This year we managed to sell the complete line to Scotland and three other machines. After a pause in 2009, the market has stabilized again three years ago. With the permission of Kilmurray Precast, we exhibited at the exhibition components from the currently supplied line, consisting of a primary jaw crusher DCJ 1023 0-3mm sand cyclonic washing unit and a CVS 823 3DW 7000 x 2400 sorter, all in a wet design.


Speaking about innovation, what new features and innovations is PSP up to?

There’s enough of it, it isn’t just crushers. Colleagues from PSP Engineering have worked a lot, for example, on KTM vertical mills and a special Premill roller mill, from the series of crushers, they are mainly Hydraulic DCJ 700x 500, which we are currently testing in Germany, and a cone crusher KDN 1000, which is based in the Štileček quarry. In March, a new type of cone crusher will come at an unusual size, one that is missing on the market, and we are getting a mobile device ready for this machine with Resta. There has been keen interest in this type of equipment as yet.


How has the pandemic crisis affected PSP and how is PSP currently doing?

Of course, a year and a half of the pandemic has hit us like everyone else in our industry. To this day, we are facing production downtime, a shortage of qualified staff and the resulting turnover of labor, as well as problems with subcontracting and their unstable prices. Basically, it is not possible to calculate and plan. You have to pay some financial losses in the company in order to keep a face to regular clients. In a few cases, everything can be transferred to the end customer. We are trying to reach a compromise.

The second area that harms our companies is the problems of starting small companies with our former employees. This phenomenon has accompanied us since the 1990s. Two to three employees make arrangements, start preparing to leave, gather documentation, store information, and then leave the company. In the background, they have already started their so-called company, based on some lucrative sectors of PSP, such as spare parts, smaller machines, etc. In addition, they will take away a database of suppliers, customers and everything that PSP absorbed as “dissatisfied employees”. Then they will slowly intervene back into our company and recruit qualified staff, which is not strange to them even during a pandemic, and their new company will begin to develop on a core that would normally take years and involve extensive costs. Documentation and information for tens of millions will fit on USB.

The problem is that our company is in the Czech Republic and has no legal means to prevent it. Nevertheless, we are going through these ailments and the turnover of all our companies is rising and prospering.


What other companies do you cooperate with to supply larger units?

We have been cooperating with Resta for mobile projects for more than a quarter of a century. Results and experience gratifying. Resta integrates our crushers into mobile devices and constantly innovates their design. We supply equipment to markets we have known for years, and we usually have many personal relationships and channels through which goods flow into the market and one machine sells another.

As for stationary equipment, we closely cooperate with Blatenské Strojírny, with which the cooperation has been going on for 26 years on a similar basis as with Resta. We also delivered some interesting projects with the company Podzimek.



Source: Lomy a těžba