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New Doosan crawler excavators in the category over 20 tons

New features include the first 21-ton Doosan crawler excavators – three brand new DX210-7 models. The new 25-ton DX245NHD-7 crawler excavator is designed for heavy loads. The DX235LCR-7 crawler excavator, weighing 25.3 tons, with a reduced radius, will replace the previous model. All excavators meet the requirements of the Stage emission standard.

The new DX210-7 / DX210NLC-7 / DX210LC-7 models offer a choice of configurations with short, long and narrow or long and wide belts. The new DX210-7 with short belts is ideal for use on soft terrain with less ground pressure where wider belt plates are required, and offers transport benefits (700 mm or even 800 mm belt plates but less than 3 m wide). ). The DX210NLC-7 narrow belt excavator targets selected markets where customer regulations or preferences require a narrow belt configuration. The new DX210LC-7 is ideal for rental services and has a similar long belt configuration to the heavier Doosan DX235LC.

New features on the DX245NHD-7 include a heavy standard 5.0 ton counterweight, which is especially suitable for working with heavier attachments such as tilt rotators. Heavier counterweights also contribute to higher lifting and excavation capacity.


The new generation of Doosan DX140W-7 and DX160W-7 wheel excavators

The new excavators meet the requirements of the Stage V emission standard. These new “-7” models provide significantly higher performance in every respect than previous Stage IV machines. They combine new features for operator comfort, greater convenience and accessory options with new features.

The technically advanced cab of the DX140W-7 and DX160W-7 excels in spaciousness and ergonomics. A new mode is available on the control panel – Tilt Rotator, which can be selected to ensure optimized hydraulic flow, thus maximizing the accuracy of the tilt rotator operation.

Other new features include Auto Digging Brake and Joystick Steering. This is an option that allows the operator to control the machine using the scroll wheel on the joystick (without using the steering wheel). The advantages of the new excavators are higher performance, greater robustness and operational ability.


Another model of the Doosan DX380DM-7 demolition excavator

It is the third model in its new line of long-range demolition excavators to complement the existing DX235DM and DX530DM.

The DX380DM-7’s large-view folding cab provides the operator with an excellent environment, especially suitable for long-range demolition applications, with a tilt angle of 30 degrees. The maximum height of the boom pin for demolition on the DX380DM-7 is 23 meters.

The DX380DM-7 also features a hydraulically adjustable undercarriage that can be extended to a maximum width of 4.37 meters to ensure optimum stability when working on demolition sites. The width of the chassis can be hydraulically pulled to 2.97 meters to transport the machine. The adjustment mechanism is based on a permanently lubricated internal cylinder construction, which minimizes resistance during movement and helps prevent damage to the chassis. If this model is equipped with an excavation boom in a straight configuration, it can operate up to a maximum height of 10.43 meters.



Source: Lomy a těžba