In recent weeks, the SANDVIK Group has announced direct entry of the Drilling Technology Division into the Czech and Slovak markets.


Development and concept

Developments in the drilling segment have been quite turbulent from the year 2000 on. Between 2000 and today, the drilling market has dramatically changed, both in terms of technology and business. During this period, we witnessed the advent of modern technology, many companies disappeared while came into existence. All this was influenced by the political situation in the Czech Republic, Europe and in the context of global developments.

The concept of the SANDVIK company for this period thus preferred indirect representation in our country, compared to its main competition, which had a direct form of its own representation on the Czech and Slovak markets. Although in the case of the aforementioned Rocktech, we can say that it defended the orange colors of SANDVIK in a dignified manner and in many cases achieved remarkable success in contrast to the main competition, which operated in a much larger region.


Rocktech at a significant disadvantage

The current state of the market, which is the result of the period after 1989, has been influenced by a number of factors, including natural generational change, EU administration and other influences. On the one hand, they clarified the fragmentation of the market during the 1990s, but at the same time they brought many pitfalls and inequalities that make business in this field uncomfortable and complicated today.

During 2018, based on detailed analyzes, SANDVIK began to consider changing the strategy for the whole of Central Europe and, through Rocktech, increased its activity in the Czech and Slovak Republics. This increased activity has brought, from the beginning of 2019 to the present day, nine new and several older machines. This confirmed that the demand for a change in conditions on the part of customers existed here and predicted the way for subsequent development.


Historic joining of Sandvik

An interesting phenomenon was the fact that these undeniable successes were achieved through a team of only 6 people, which today deserves recognition and requires some reflection. However, the newly delivered machines to the Czech and Slovak markets, zest and enthusiasm, without which this would never have succeeded, soon proved their limits. The extent of such success clearly demonstrated that the sales structure for Central Europe must change and accelerate the top management’s decision on the the need of direct entry of SANDVIK into the Czech and Slovak markets. This decision meant that the starting point for the new grouping in Central Europe would be the Polish headquarters of SANDVIK. Thanks to its background and economic possibilities, it is the most suitable subject for making these changes, which will affect not only the Czech and Slovak Republics, but also other regions. The autonomous representation of SANDVIK in our country, including independent service provision in the field of mining technologies, is a historic moment we have been waiting for more than 30 years.

So let’s wish “SANDVIK” a lot of success. Its role is clear at the moment and we will certainly look forward to some surprise. The coming of this economically stable and strong partner into the Czech and Slovak market will bring about the desired changes in many respects. To confirm what has been said, we can immediately state that two days after the announcement of SANDVIK’s direct joining into the Czech and Slovak markets, the delivery of another new drilling rig to one major company was agreed.



Source: Lomy a těžba