Prachovice – this year’s record order for KOMATSU machines

At the end of August, a handover of a pair of giant KOMATSU machines from KUHN – BOHEMIA JSC took place in the Prachovice quarry, which belongs to the Cemex Czech Republic lnc. The Komatsu WA600-8 wheel loader and the Komatsu HD605-8 wheeled dumper were put into operation.


KOMATSU wheel loader type WA 600–8E0

The front wheel loader is equipped with a rock arrow shovel with teeth and a volume of 7 m3. Operating weight is 56 tons and tipping load 38.8 tons. The 6-cylinder Komatsu engine with 530 horsepower meets the strictest emission standard (EU Stage V). For operation in the quarry, the loader is equipped with proven high-strength pewag TYRO 16 chains, which are used on special Michelin tires.

Other technical “conveniences” of the loader include, for example, a high-capacity torque converter with adjustable traction control, electronically adjustable speed, or programmable engine shutdown when not in use. The loader is also equipped with a KOMTRAX remote monitoring system. It collects operational data and helps with overall traffic optimization.


KOMATSU rigid wheel dumper type HD 605-8E0

The dumper weighs 51.6 tons, payload 63 tons, power 778 hp and in ideal conditions is able to develop a speed of up to 70 km / h. The heated “V” body has a volume of 40 m3. It is made of a special HARDOX material with a strength of 145 kg / mm2 and a hardness of 450 degrees Brinell. This material has a 12.5% higher hardness than the materials used so far for rock dump trucks. Hydropneumatic axle suspension with progressive damping effect ensures excellent driving comfort.

The main advantages of this machine include, in addition to the powerful 6-cylinder Komatsu engine, the traction control system (KTCS), which automatically ensures that optimal traction is maintained when working on all types of terrain. The dumper drive unit uses a seven-speed automatic, electronically controlled K-ATOMiCS transmission. By monitoring the driving conditions of the dumper, the number of gearbox shifts is minimized and thus its service life is increased. The brakes are hydraulically operated, multi-disc in an oil bath. The dumpers in Prachovice are mainly used to transport the excavated rock to the crushing plant.


Prachovice quarry and Komatsu machines

The local deposit, which is about 400 million years old, consists of standard limestone, high-percentage limestone and slate. It is mined in a total of six floors, and while maintaining current production, the reserves would last approximately 150 years. 5,000 tons of rock are mined and crushed daily. The specifics of local mining lie in the precise mixing of the raw material into the required chemical composition.

Komatsu machines are in the Prachovice quarry in a family way. In addition to these innovations, there are nine other large KOMATSU machines in operation, five fixed dumpers and four large loaders. In a very demanding limestone mining environment, Komatsu machines have been proving trouble-free operation for a long time, which was confirmed on the spot by both the director of the CEMEX Prachovice cement plant, Karol Czubara, and several engineers.



This year, 23 machines of the Japanese manufacturer Komatsu have arrived or will head to the CEMEX Group’s operations, said Daniel Sys, CEO of KUHN-BOHEMIA, at the handover ceremony in Prachovice, and thanked the participating CEMEX Group representatives for their trust and cooperation. The WA600-8 wheel loader and the HD605-8 rigid dumper are without a doubt the largest machines handed over.



Source: Lomy a těžba