obklady s pozadím se sytě rudými okrasnými keři

Covering is an element of decoration, yet only if it is made with proper care. It is difficult to see any spots of diligence in the attached photos, though. No matter whether it is Kielce, Iwonicz Zdrój or Kołobrzeg – the workmanship is similar.

I just start being convinced that such “mediocrity” is becoming something of a standard accepted by the designer, investor, and the supervision inspector to boot.

Not so long ago, someone came trying to persuade me that a thickness tolerance of +/- 1 cm should not be a problem. Well, it is for me. You will soon understand if you take a look at the first photo. The next one nicely illustrates the problem of incorrectly making wire cut corners – at an angle of 45 degrees, which is something I have discussed so many times. Unfortunately, it has been a common way of making the connections, the origin of which can, perhaps, be traced back to carpentry. the first gaps will appear very quickly, and then there is only one step to extra expenses for renovation and replacement – on grounds of poor appearance and technical condition.

Maybe something would change if the buildings and sites that had undergone reconstruction were featured with lists of names of people and companies that had carried out the job?

The so-called “pseudo-repairs” are another matter to deal with. Such “crap” is actually never cheaper than a proper, thorough repair would be.

There are examples everywhere … The third photo shows the promenade in Kołobrzeg again. In such a representative place, does nobody – not even those who decide – notice this? It is indeed an illusion to believe that out of the several thousand people passing by every day, no one will notice. What will foreign visitors, making up half of all the passers-by, think about our craftsmen? Or maybe we can only do our job well when abroad? Are we no longer sensitive to violating even the basic principles of aesthetics?

I can only hope that the newly proposed system of vocational education will make us deal with skilled craftsmen, not just some jacks-of-all-trades who take up every job. Because if not, we will have to go on living with the ever-amazing question: is there a better way?

Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: Bogusław Skolak   |   Published: 20 December 2016