I reflexively look at every piece of stone I come across on my way. In my case it is a professional deformation – I openly admit it.

I find pleasure in looking at well-made objects, correctly fitted elements, well-chosen raw materials – both in terms of colour and quality. And it is not important to me whether it is a large object or just an entrance step to a random building.

Being in a very beautifully situated resort, Ladek Zdroj, I saw a fountain in front of the Spa House. The fountain is nice and quite grand. It was designed in the surroundings of a pedestrian zone revitalized with EU funds. It will serve many, many years. After all, it is made of stone.

Well, well …

I take a look at the splashing water and I notice with horror that the basin – made of sandstone – already shows numerous cracks. There were also strange holes on the surface as if woodworms had bitten into it.

There are no bad stones – only badly used ones. The question arises as to who designed and who made a very nice fountain, but out of the wrong stone. We should consider whether such a choice of materials is the best solution.

I do not know what deposit the material came from, but it is unsuitable. The people responsible for the design and construction of this fountain did not know the properties of rocks. In this situation one can only ask: is there a better way?

Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: Bogusław Skolak   |   Published: 22 December 2017