It has been several months since the Diakers app was launched. We asked what its users their opinion about the application.

Agnieszka Majewska (Majkam, Piława Górna)

“I took advantage of the possibility to buy through the Diakers application two months ago. I was satisfied with the purchase. I haven’t been in need to buy stone since then, but used the app a few times and browsed the offers. It’s a very handy tool. The way it works is flawless. What I like is you select a block, calculate how many slabs you will get, what the slabs will be and their price. What’s more, I really liked the way I was guided through the process of installing and running the app by the company’s consultant. There were absolutely no problems. I will probably use this app next year when I order more stone.”

Robert Kaczmarczyk (Kamieniarstwo, Niepołomice)

“I was asked to check out the possibilities offered by the Diakers app some three months ago. I installed the app on my phone and made an order. I really came to liked the app and will go on using it in the future. Everything works without any problems and it is intuitive to use. It is also important to find a reliable delivery company in such a situation. My first order was a success – let’s see how it goes further.

Admittedly, a photo is not the same as being able to see the block physically, but the time you save is enormous. Not to mention that I don’t have to plan and organise a trip to the wholesaler. The installation process itself is a challenge for an elderly person, but with the help of Ania from M+Q I managed. I’m sure young people won’t have a problem with it.”

Jan Chuchrowski (Stone workshop, Bąków)

“I installed the application a few weeks ago. Installation and registration was easy. I made an order and everything worked as the company promised. It’s very convenient to be able to plan a purchase and complete it in the comfort of your chair. A big time saver. I will probably use the app again. I only hope that M+Q will go on handling complaints and troubleshooting just as efficiently as they do now. When I made the purchase, I posted my comments and they will probably be taken into account in the near future. But these are small things. After all, the application is new, it will be improved, naturally. For a start, it works great.”

Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: M+Q   |   Published: 17.11.2020