An extensive article about Pellegrini DECAWIRE saw was published in Kurier Kamieniarski a year ago (KK ar. no 4/2015, August 2015). The saw brings several new interesting technical solutions. We will talk about them today because the first saw of this type has been introduced in Poland. Multi wire saw Pellegrini DECAWIRE is currently at work in Strzegom in Granite Von Striegau Sp. z o. o

The mechanical construction comprises of a combination of saws that had been already used in Poland as Pentawire and Polywire saws – fixed vertical columns with accurate guides and guiding screws protected by harmonica covers. On the drive side, there is a huge drum made of light alloy, of 235 cm diameter, and wire grooves that are each 1 cm deep.

When changing the pitch of the chain, the wires are pulled into the corresponding groove. There are ten separate flywheels with of 200 cm diameter, on the tensioning side. The length of the shaft on which they work enables cutting to the thickness of 10 cm using all ten wires.

The diamond wires are tightened with a patented electric-hydraulic system Multi pull which tensions each wire during the cutting evenly and steadily. The change of the system of pitch changing of the tensioning flywheels, meaning the thickness of cutting, is a new feature. The tensioning flywheels move on the shaft and their pitch can be changed by moving particular struts. They have a specific shape which enables changing the pitch without the necessity of taking particular wheels out of the shaft. Just unscrew the nut that secures the set of wheels, manually move particular tensioning flywheels, put back the struts of desired width and turn the wheels again. This solution ensures running of the machine without failures. It is also less complicated than mechanical or electronic systems of flywheel pitch and it ensures an easy and quick exchange of the width of sawn elements.

The use of a big drum of 80 cm diameter with 1 cm grooves on the tensioning side which guides the diamond wires, is also a new feature. It stabilizes the wheel operation and ensures high precision cutting and that, even if the lining of the guiding of the wheels or the bearings is worn out. Apart from that, the greasing system of this machine was also improved, to improve the lifespan of the roller bearings. The bearings are greased with oil automatically and the greasing is done hydraulically.

The proportions of the saw have been designed so that it is possible to cut even big slabs. Up to the 3.5 metres of width and 2.1 metres of height.


Granite Von Striegau Sp is a company from Strzegom, which runs a quarry in Kostrza, that decided to buy the wire saw Pellegrini DECAWIRE. Z. o. o.. It specializes also in kerb and granite paving stones production.

Because the popularity of so called Parisian paving stones (made of slabs), the company has decided to acquire a portal splitter for the manufacturing of these stones.

Six “single use production lines” of the company would not be able to ensure the necessary amount of the input material in the form of slabs. The purchase of Pellegrini DECAWIRE saw was decided in December of the last year. Although, the machine can cut slabs of different sizes, its main task in the company will be to cut slabs for paving stones production.

The machine is already at work, and as an investor told us: “Since the start of its operation, it has already cut material of 3,000 m2 and it works one hundred percent without any failures.”

Considering the need for quality cooling water for the saw, the investment has been complemented by the construction of a new water cleaning facility.

Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: Grzegorz Gryzło | Published: 22.9.2016