Can modern technology replace strenuous work?

This time one of the participants of the Kamieniarstwo Facebook group came across a curiosity. Grzegorz Kołakowski uploaded a video showing the cutting of complex shapes in stone using a diamond rope mounted on a robot. We had not seen such a device before so we started looking for more information.

The experimental device was made by the company Hyperbody as part of a project introduced at the first year of the conference “Robotics in Architecture” (Roba | Arch 2012) in Rotterdam. The robot was designed by Wes McGee, Jelle Fering and Lauren Vasey. It was made by Jelle Fering and Frank van Brunschot with the support from Husqvarna. The key element of the machine is an ABB robot named RDWS (Robotic Diamond Wire Sawing). The diamond wire in the machine is driven by a 40kW hydraulic motor.

The idea to construct the robot came about in response to the questions whether it is possible in the context of robotics and custom CAD software development to build on the achievements of famous architects from ancient times, and whether it is possible to realise timeless masonry projects similar to those we know from the past whilst keeping the time frame expected by modern investors.

The first machine was tested in 2013 at the Marmi e Graniti d’Italia quarry. The results proved to be very interesting. The items shown in the photo were finished within 20 minutes.

I wonder if the presented experimental machine has already attracted interest of stone machine manufacturers and if there are plans to start selling such machines.

A video of the machine in operation is available on our website here.

Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: Kurier Kamieniarski | Published: 21.12.2015