The variety of Schwarzmüller products

The tipping trucks of the Schwarzmüller company are used in interstate as well as in long-distance international transport. In all construction areas, in agriculture, and in waste management. This is why there are many product variants, superstructures on the undercarriages of lorries, including systems of replaceable superstructures, trailers with swivels, trailers with central placement of axles and semi-trailers. The flexibility of Schwarzmüller trucks is visible especially in the exchangeable superstructures: for example, in this way, there can be two or even more superstructures on one vehicle. They can be exchanged quickly and easily. It could be the three-sided tipper or a mixer truck, they can all be installed on one type of undercarriage. What is typical for the three-sided tipper is its high flexibility in the process of tipping – a priceless advantage in situations in which the tipping back is not possible. A popular equipment of tipping superstructures is the Bordmatic system. This system enables hydraulic opening and closing of side walls. This makes it much more comfortable and safer for the driver enormously. Standard trailers and trailers with central placement of axles are common in every company. Schwarzmüller can offer many additional devices – it could be equipped with low sideboards for easier unloading or with higher sideboards for transport of larger loads. Schwarzmüller proves that on the example of a standard tandem tipping truck with its intelligent technology. The drawbar is designed in a way that makes it possible to unload the material without the necessity to detach the trailer.




Another detail which underlines the flexibility of Schwarzmüller products, is the fact that tipping superstructures are made as wide as to allow for their easy transportation of products on pallets. There are also hardly any limitations in production or equipment for the Schwarzmüller semi-trailers. From one-axle semi-trailers to robust or lightweight standard three-axle tipper trucks (tridem) with back or three-sided tipping device. Almost everything is possible. Customers can choose among different sizes of the volume of loading space.

Schwarzmüller can easily offer such variety in this area which is hard to overcome in this area. Another significant piece of news in the development of the Schwarzmüller company are so called thermomuldes – tipper semitrailers – with thermal insulation. They will convince you with their low weight but also their high quality of design which is viewed positively by customers. For that matter, it has been confirmed that Tippers with thermal insulation and Schwarzmüller superstructures are the only certified and homologated by an TÜV independent testing institute on the European market.

Even the most diverse requirements of customers can be fulfilled by the Schwarzmüller company throughout the used intelligent vehicles design. They are designed exclusively in a three-sided design system which means that the digital construction data can be automatically and directly transferred into the process of production. This solution guarantees absolute precision of the vehicle production.
All of these attributes make it possible for the Schwarzmüller company to offer, as the only one on the European market, their vehicles with a full 24 months guarantee!






Source: Lomy a těžba