The new Cat D5 dozer: a new generation of performance

Dozer Cat

The new Cat® D5 offers outstanding performance and the widest selection of easy-to-use technology features to help you get the most out of your bulldozer.



Introducing the new Cat D5 dozer. With 170 horsepower and an operating weight range of 17.2 to 20.6 t, the new Cat D5 replaces the successful D6N. The switch from D6N to D5 is part of an effort to simplify all Cat dozer model names. Over the next few years, the Cat line of dozers will be renamed from smallest to largest (from D1 to D11) with one model per size class and no additional letter modifiers like “N”, “K”, “T”.




Increased weight and power

Compared to its predecessor, the D6N, the Cat D5 comes with more weight and power, better steering capabilities and a long list of technological innovations to help operators get more work done in less time. The fully automatic three-speed transmission with inverter lock-up offers optimum performance with low fuel consumption. Steering enhancements and improved power train controls offer new levels of power utilisation and steering control.


Optimal comfort

A completely redesigned cab raises the standard in comfort and productivity. Operators will find more space, more seat and control options for optimum comfort and a new, easy-to-use 10-inch touchscreen user interface. The main display shows a high-resolution image of a standard rear-view camera. The view from the machine is improved by approximately 15% more glass in the cab and a steeper bonnet angle that provides a 30% better view forward to the coulter.


New technological possibilities

The new Cat D5 offers many new technologies, such as the factory-integrated Cat GRADE system with 3D. Advanced gyro sensors (IMU) provide faster and more accurate data without the need for additional position sensing antennas. The antennas are integrated into the cab roof, where they are protected from damage, and the GPS receivers are mounted inside, where they can be secured by locking the cab door. GRADE’s more intuitive user interface works like a smart telephone, so understanding the control logic is a matter of moments. The Android OS platform allows you to install your apps as needed. The AutoCarry™ system is part of GRADE with 3D to automate plough lifting to maintain optimum dozer load, improve load consistency and reduce track slippage.




The new Cat D5 represents the next generation of Cat’s legendary supervisors. Thanks to advanced systems, most of which work fully automatically and do not require any attention from the machine operator, working with the new dozer is faster, more comfortable and above all more efficient. These are the principles on which the new generation of Cat machines is built.






Source: Lomy a těžba