HS 8100.1 cable excavator is the largest Liebherr machine operated in the Czech Republic

Lanové rypadlo

It weighs 90 tonnes and has little in common with a conventional excavator. It is the largest machine that Liebherr-Stavební stroje CZ s.r.o. has delivered to a Czech customer. With 90 tonnes of weight and a 59-metre-long boom, the Liebherr HS 8100.1 is one of the most interesting construction machines in the country. The excavator was purchased by Zakládání staveb a.s. and will be used mainly for the construction of underground walls. The Prague-based company operates a total of seven rope excavators, most of them currently in Germany.



Rope excavator specifics

The HS 8100.1, representing the latest generation of Liebherr rope excavators, is delivered as a modular system. The machine is assembled directly at the customer’s site. A cable excavator differs in many respects, as we will discuss below, from conventional construction and mining machines.




The premises of the company Zakládání staveb in Libuše district, Prague, are quite lively on a gloomy May morning. On a total of five transport wagons, the new “lanyard” HS 8100.1 has just arrived here. To be deployed on a contract (construction of a railway tunnel in Plzeň), it needs to be tuned up, tuned up as quickly as possible, the crew trained and also a special wall dredge modified as a warm-up for the construction on Sokolovská Street in Prague, where it will dig an underground wall for the future underground car park of the new building.  Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

This first assembly usually takes 2 to 3 days, which is a big difference compared to conventional construction machines, which are put into operation in a matter of hours at most. It is carried out by specialists directly from the production plant in Nenzing, Austria, in cooperation with service technicians from the Czech dealership and the customer’s technical staff.

Specific to this type of machine is the aforementioned transport. A slewing body with a cab and chassis frame without tracks will arrive on the main sleeper, two trucks will bring the steel-concrete counterweight, and two others will bring other components such as boom parts and chassis tracks as part of the extraction transport.






Source: Lomy a těžba