Premiere of the new generation SmartROC D50-10 MKII


Last year, Epiroc AB, Sweden, launched the world’s first in the design and technology of submersible hammer drilling rigs, the SmartROC D50 MkII. The innovative “Smart” concept taken from top hammer drilling rigs, such as the well-known Smart ROC T40 and T45 models, is now also integrated into the submersible hammer class.



Now, thanks to an order from CEMDEST s.r.o., this novelty is also on the market in the Czech Republic. The kit is based on the previous proven generation of D50 Mk I machines and is enhanced with the latest technologies and automation currently available from Epiroc.




New intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI)

  • The latest generation RCS 5 control system with a 15″ touch screen.
  • Built-in self-diagnostic functions with operator navigation for troubleshooting, helping to minimize downtime.
  • The touch screen displays all drilling parameters in real-time (Measurement while drilling- MWD), thus helping the operator to control the drilling process.
  • Quick and easy setting of drilling parameters for a defined workplace.




Innovated hydraulic system 

  • Thanks to the new concept of the hydraulic system and the on-site control of the individual components, the number of hydraulic hoses and components has been significantly reduced, resulting in a reduction of 300 litres of hydraulic oil compared to the previous generation of machines.
  • Facilitating service and reducing environmental impact.
  • Faster heating of the hydraulic system to operating temperature.
  • Hydraulic components – energy consumers are used only when they are needed and the control system directs and regulates the flow of energy based on the current demand of the machine operation.


“Smart” engine and compressor control

Air capacity is the most important factor influencing the performance of a submersible hammer. Engine speed and compressor discharge are controlled by an intelligent system that delivers compressed air to the hammer just when the machine needs it most. “Smart” drilling means eliminating wasted air, significantly lower fuel costs and less wear and tear on parts.

“Smart” drilling means eliminating wasted air, significantly lower fuel costs and less wear and tear on parts.

This fact was confirmed by the managing director of CEMDEST s.r.o., Mr Jiří Bertók, who said that the average hourly consumption of the drilling rig was below 28 litres per motor hour after the operators were fully trained. At the same time, it expects further reductions in fuel consumption in the longer term as experience is gained.






Source: Lomy a těžba