We present a unique basalt paving, which gives the interior a touch of luxury

pohled na čedičovou dlažbu hranatého, nepravidelného tvaru s pohledem na 2 schody ke dveřím. Pohled je do chodby.

Basalt paving, i.e. paving made of molten basalt, is mechanically and chemically very resistant and its appearance is attractive, unusual and literally luxurious. Its surface can be in a smooth or non-slip version.

Stone paving made of molten basalt is produced by melting natural basalt and its subsequent casting into metal moulds. This achieves excellent properties of the paving, thanks to which it is also suitable for industrial operations. It looks great in interiors and gives a touch of luxury to the paved surfaces of our balconies, terraces and gardens.

Surface (face) of paving made of molten basalt and the solution of the reverse side

Paving made of molten basalt can have a smooth or non-slip surface. In addition, various accessories are produced, such as tiles, skirting board tiles, L-pieces and tiles of various atypical shapes. The colour shade of basalt paving is always determined by the nature of this natural material. As the stone cannot be coloured the shade cannot be changed. Every tile being original, basalt pavings differ and each item is unique.

Basalt paving is made with three basic types of reverse side. For glues and mortars, the most common is the so-called fine grid (marked JR) as it is with ceramic tiles. However, a coarse grid (marked R) is also produced, which is no longer used as much as it was in the past (previously the method was used more often, when the tiles were laid in a bed of wet concrete mixture when making floors). And the last tiles produced are smooth without any grid (marked H), but these are rarely laid for special types of glueing, when a minimum thickness of the base adhesive is required. In addition to the grid, sand is also pressed into the surface of the reverse side during the production, which further improves the adhesion of the paving.

Properties of molten basalt paving

Basalt is a millions of years old stone that can be refined just by remelting. Thus, we obtain products with excellent physical and chemical properties. These properties are much better than in case of the original, natural material. The remelted material is hard, strong, abrasion-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-absorbent and chemically resistant.

Basalt is not expensive at all, and by purchasing basalt paving, we obtain a durable material with a long service life and at the same time an unusual appearance. The attractive original look of every piece of this paving offers an analogy with a snowflake. Basalt tiles, with their originality, really resemble snowflakes, where each one is different. However, while the snowflake disappears with just one twinkling of an eye, basalt tiles remain unchanged for many decades.

Source: www.ceskestavby.cz