Królewska Męcina is stone with personality and unique characteristics. It is very similar to limestones Brenna Blue or Pietra Serena. It has one important advantage: it is at your disposal “immediately”, at any place, and in any quantity.

Królewska Męcina is an extremely durable material. This is why elements for outdoor and indoor use are made from it. Unique physical and chemical parameters enable its use in elements that require durability, such as kerbs and paving slabs. Królewska Męcina is one of the hardest limestones in Poland. As a result, it enables all kinds of treatment, including polishing.

It is a material that is becoming more and more popular and valued by architects and designers. They are not afraid to use it, because it has very good parameters. Furthermore, parameters that are repeatable.

Every lorry of material, that leaves the quarry, is meticulously tested for the highest quality. Also, when pricing the material, according to the common principle, you only pay for what you can use.

Królewska Męcina is quarried in Męcina, near Limanowa, 75 km from Cracow. This means predictable logistic conditions and medium transporting distances. The order can by delivered anywhere in Poland, literally in a few tens of hours.

Królewska Męcina goes very well with other limestones. Its grey colour goes well in combination with yellow colour “Długopole” or red colour “Paterka”. At the same time, they are all finely grained. They have unlimited possibilities of interesting combinations in the same structure. Granite, with all its richness of colours and shades, is usually differentiated by the size of the grain – therefore, it does not have many possibilities of use, talking about its structure.

Source: Kurier kamieniarski
Author: Kurier Kamieniarski   |   Published: 10.11.2014