Harmony of natural stone

pohled na dům s taškovou střechou a verandou, na verandě je plastový stůl a židle, blíž od domu k divákovi je kamená dlažba nepravidelného tvaru i barev a uprostřed se nachází zelený trávník, který obklopuje uvedená dlažba, nejblíže k divákovi se na fotografii nachází oválný bazén zapuštěný do země

Long time ago beautiful stones as a great witness of nature evolution had been created during long history of the Earth. Various stone forms and their individual characteristics and their use have been unique up to this day.

If you incorporate stones into your garden or a house, you could enjoy magic of natural stone every day.  Its use is universal indeed. Today we are going to dive in its use within exteriors.

Outside pavement serves as a road, pavement and gardening seating. Selection of stones is dependent on taste or use of specific place. It is necessary to note that pavement in exteriors is an important architectural element and it complements atmosphere of a house and a garden.

Natural stone is conventional material for garden paths, pavements and paved area. If we take into consideration that this stone has been accompanying a man from the earliest evolution for over 2 million years (e.g. stone mosaics have been known since antiquity). Stone has proven as a solid building material over the years and it does not lose its with time passed.

Porphyry, andesite, sandstone, limestone, granite, gneiss or basalt are popular natural stones. Nowadays, porphyry is in demand for its great mechanical and aesthetic properties, and cheap price. BIRO-D company is the biggest importer of porphyry into Czechia and its seller also. Porphyry can be bought in several shades, sizes and forms.  BIRO-D sells most of above-mentioned natural stones except from porphyry.

Natural stone is determined to be used at public places thanks its superb properties. It is easily maintainable. It can resist unfavourable climate changes and its beauty is permanent.

Quarry stone is possible to adjust by cleaving or brushing. So-called English paving consisting of rough stone with flat front side is suitable for larger and spacious gardens. Stone cubes are suitable for smaller gardens.

Paving can be created from flagstones of larger size with smooth or rough surface. It looks good and it suits to geometrically based garden.

In conclusion, let me give you an advice.

Natural stone paving does not need any special treatment during its lifetime. It is enough to hose down sometimes. Aggressive cleaning detergents must not be used in any case. It is also necessary to avoid oily or chemical substances such as oils, dilutants, solvents, paints, propellants etc.

These substances can penetrate into the stone even though it has minimal water absorption. The stains are hardly removable.

ADVICE: In our market there are offered stones imported from various exotic countries and not all of them are suitable for use in our climate conditions.

It is known that no two stones are the same. Each stone has its colour shade and characteristic structure.  Natural stones are for those who require emphasis on individuality and uniqueness. Natural stones are also for those who value durability and lifespan which can endure several generations.

Source: www.ceskestavby.cz