Natural stones and their magic

velký balvan přikurtovaný dvěma stahovacími lany ke dřevěné desce. Balvan má krupovitou strukturu

The contemporary range of artificial stones is getting richer, and yet many people prefer natural stones. Natural stones have pleasant and positive effect on its surroundings. Except from wood and other natural materials a stone is getting popular with its beauty.

Today, we are going to examine a trend which is getting more and more popular. It is a feature of decorative stones. Where can we use these stones?

Natural elements penetrate our houses and gardens. Even small gardens owners can spend a lot of time working with natural stones. If you desire beautiful and stylized appearance of garden then it is recommended to use effective and unique stones i.e. decorative stones. They suit each garden.

Even the most demanding customer will choose from numerous colours (including glossy and matte stones) and sizes of stones. Rich shape variations of pebbles start between oval and rounded shape and end with elongated shape. Larger stones which are left in our garden as loners, become prominent feature of a garden. Their size is various and their weight can reach a ton therefore they are supplied after firm order.

You can choose from natural shades of brownish, light, grey, beige or black. Or you can choose from stones of exotic colours. Colours of oxides provides selection of more than a hundred of various colours so garden architects or amateurs can work with unlimited combinations. Moreover, stones can have a picturesque pattern.

Quarrying stones is done ecologically today with regard to the environment ecosystem. It is imported from all over the world where the chunks after cleaving are processed into required size, polished or waxed.

Where can stones be used?

In exterior:

Decorative stones are suitable for popular Japanese gardens. When used on access roads or smaller paths they beautify exterior very much. Such use of stones provides undemanding maintenance. Unlike pavement or grass there is no need to take care of natural stone on a regular basis. By contrast, if you place stones and pebbles among plants smartly, you limit growing unwanted weed. Stones are perfect for keeping moisture of soil therefore many plants exploit them.

Another place where decorative stones can be used are terraces and rockeries which alpines or rock plants love.

The beauty of stones can find their place on the banks of ponds or fountains.

In interior:

Decorative stones from aquariums (porous types are very popular) are well-known and they suit as a filling for vases. Their place is irreplaceable in winter gardens where they help to improve attractiveness of our little Eden. Decorative stones can look well as a decoration for fireplaces.

Regarding properties of stone and its demands for maintenance it maintains its colour permanence and it has no requirements for special care.