Natural stone enlivens facade, garden and flat

Stone is the oldest and most noble material of unmistakable appearance. It combines original beauty and good utility properties. Due to its hardness, strength and stability, it is ideal to use in construction industry, garden architecture, but also in interiors of our homes.

Properties of natural stone

Basic properties of natural stone include high resistance, rigidity, durability, strength, stability, colour fastness, ease of maintenance and beautiful original look. Natural stone can be renovated, cleaned, revitalized and even recut.

Where do we use natural stone?

Natural stone is used in the form of facing stone, paving stone, masonry stone and stone for the construction of ponds and rockeries.

Natural stone in the exterior

Nature has adjusted stone to endure even the harshest conditions, which is why it is widely used in exteriors. Most often for roads, sidewalks, paving, gardens, terraces, seating areas, fountains, statues, decorations, fireplaces and barbecue stones. As for tiles, it is necessary to choose those with a non-slip surface.

Obklad přírodním kamenem v interiéru
Venkovní obklad přírodním kamenem

Natural stone in the garden

Stones in the garden can be used as natural paving to form a driveway, stepping areas and paths, while the combination of stone paving and loose stone has a very nice effect. The use of stone for rock gardens, terraces, retaining walls, troughs, ponds and fountains is widespread, and the fencing of a garden made of natural chipped or broken stone is becoming increasingly popular. Properly placed decorative stones, whether more distinctive solitaires or small stone accessories, adds variety to your garden. Granite, sandstone, limestone, andesite, basalt, travertine, marble, gneiss, quartzite, slate, zeolite, marl or tuff are the most commonly kinds of stone used in gardens. Types of coloured gravel, grit, crushed stones and pebbles are also common.

Natural stone in the interior

The interior space where natural stone occurs not only gains the hallmark of luxury, exclusivity and purity, but also looks original, elegant and enlivens the interior in an interesting way. Differently processed and coloured marble, granite, travertine, sandstone and limestone are used there. We can use them in corridors, staircases, halls, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, in the living room and in the bedroom, and even stone cabinets and chests of drawers are quite common. Besides, we can use it for tiling, window sills, kitchen worktops, bar counters, bathroom accessories, fireplace facing or as a separate decoration.

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