Stone for exterior and interior – a timeless investment

Stone combines the original beauty of an unmistakable appearance and good utility properties. The strength and stability of this natural material determine it for use in construction industry, garden architecture and for use as an interesting element in the interior. Although we traditionally classify stone as a rather expensive material, its durability, resistance and other useful properties make it a profitable investment in the future. Nowadays, stone is becoming more affordable and is gaining in popularity.

Modern technologies provide many ways to process natural stone. New formats and interesting variants are being created, from natural quarry stone to a luxurious polished look. Therefore, stone occurs not only in the exterior, where, thanks to its natural character, it acts naturally, but more and more the beauty and practicality of the stone is also promoted in interiors.

Stone for exteriors

Stone is widely used outdoors. Footpaths, seating areas or variable frost-resistant paving are typical garden items connected with stone. If we choose the format of exterior tiles, we have to choose those with a non-slip surface. Another chapter is interesting stone elements in garden architecture, either alone or in combination with water such as fountains, troughs etc.

An original stone fireplace can be the landmark of the garden. The durability of stone is also used for facades as well as moulding around windows and doors. A very interesting look is given to the garden by a stone fence, whose function is also to reduce noise.

It is quartz, sandstone, slate and also other types of stone that are most suitable for the garden. Both large blocks and decorative gravels are popular.

Venkovní kamenný obklad
Venkovní kamenný obklad

Stone in the interior

In the interior, natural stone is most often used for tiling, paving and durable floors, staircases, indoor and outdoor window sills and so on. It works effectively as a tiling in the bathroom, while in the kitchen a stone worktop appears to be a durable and easy-to-maintain work surface. In the living room it can be used to face the fireplace. Living rooms and halls can be made special by tiling the wall or part of it with broken stone. Such a tiling looks very attractive, modern and natural at the same time.

Traditionally, marble and hard granite rank among the most popular stones in the interior. Granite can be polished well, looks good and is able to bear effects of ordinary chemicals.

Interiérový kamenný obklad
Kamenný obklad krbu