Touch natural stone

Do you long to have natural stone in the interior – for example in a luxurious polished design, but are astonished by the price? It does not have to be that expensive. High quality stone slabs, for example in the form of the countertops of the kitchen units, can be bought for much more reasonable prices than most of the producers claim. You will never get to the price of cheap MDF boards, not even to the level of prices of domestic solid wood. Nevertheless, you will get a material that is practically immortal. 

Try to notice the harmony of these two words – “natural” and “stone”. If you only use the word “stone”, it can have many connotations (Stone Age, artificial stone, kill two birds with one stone, who is without sin cast the first stone etc.).  But if you say “natural stone”, everybody imagines just the many facets of the same thing. It is true for all the kinds of natural stone that every piece of stone is an utter original, such is the case in natural wood. The use of natural stone simply connects the interior with nature. The same is true for the exteriors. Stone is very durable and can withstand rough weather and still keep its colours and appearance. Natural stone is steady but also never too familiar. 

The expression “natural stone” hides many hues of colour, structures, designs and surface treatments, Natural stone is always original, elegant, timeless, but also a natural element in the interior. Its high durability, hardness, strength, but also cleanability, smoothness and the ability to breathe, are typical for this material.  There are many stone surface finishing techniques. It can be polished, opaque, brushed, bush-hammered, antique, chiselled, or tumbled. And there are several other treatments. You can choose between marble, granite, travertine, sandstone, limestone, and other kinds of natural stone. 

Natural stone will beautifully adorn fitted kitchens in the form of countertops, bars, and cladding behind the countertops. It will also enhance the bathroom – e. g. by placing a washbasin there. You can also clad the whole bathroom, corridors, living rooms, and other spaces with natural stone. It looks especially well as cladding of the mantelpiece or of the staircase, which could even whole be made of stone. Interior and exterior windowsills made of natural stone are also beautiful. Natural stone can be used in any building – for a family home, office buildings, or business centres. 

Kamenný vnitřní okenní parapet
Dlažba z přírodního kamene
Přírodní kámen v kuchyni
Deska z přírodního kamene
Schodiště z přírodního kamene
Přírodní kámen v kuchyni
Obklad krbu přírodním kamenem

The use of natural stone, of course, involves higher financial investment connected to its more difficult treatment and the higher costs of the material. But the result is always worth it! It is always a worthy investment which will improve the price of the real-estate. It is not only a highly decorative material but also a highly functional material with extremely high durability. Natural stone that has been worked with gains also a practical function – such as in the form of kitchen countertops, paving, staircases, windowsills or cladding, it is practically indestructible. If you clad your fireplace with stone, it emits heat as well as tiles. It is also very easy to maintain.   

Přírodní kámen v kuchyni
Přírodní kámen v koupelně