Specific fashion trends for the use of stone

Stone windowsills 

Probably the most common use of stone in Czech homes and shops is in the form of stone windowsills. If you prefer high quality and a unique design, you will surely choose stone windowsills. The investment in these windowsills is not astronomical and it brings many advantages. 

Often, for a little investment, you can turn mundane rooms and spaces into much lighter, lively, and overall luxurious rooms. Furthermore, you can combine the windowsills with other stone elements in the future.  

Dekory přírodního kamene

Stone in the kitchen

Kitchen countertops made of stone, often used abroad, have become popular in our country as well. The main requirements are durability, hardness, resilience, but also zero water absorption. That is why natural stone is the best option. For example, natural granite is much harder than artificial stone (an imitation made from concrete), because of that we can cut anything on it. It is important to get the stone board waterproof anyway. 

Porous materials, such as marble or travertine, can be problematic because they could get coloured by food. The stone countertop does not have to be load-bearing, it can be placed on the original countertop and it can be only 2 centimetres thick in this case.

It is also appropriate to combine the chosen material of the kitchen countertop with the cladding of the wall behind the countertop, or also with the indoor windowsills. The bar and the dining table may be also equipped in this way. If the living area is connected to the kitchen, and there is a staircase leading to the next floor, the stair steps (or rather their surface) could be made of the same material. And if stone seems too cold to touch, it can be electrically heated. 

Přírodní kámen v kuchyni
Přírodní kámen v kuchyni
Přírodní kámen v kuchyni

Stone in bathrooms

Natural stone is very popular in bathrooms. Often as a replacement for ceramic cladding. The stone is mostly polished. But it can also be roughly worked. This makes the maintenance of the surface more difficult. Nevertheless, it does not make sense to pay for cheaper imitations. Natural stone can offer much more enjoyment in watching its irregular structures and it is much more pleasant to touch. And you can put the final touches to the bathroom by using wooden cabinets and lighting with warm shades. 

Another option for the use of stone in bathrooms is to use it for stone washbasins and storage boards, stone slab of a possible niche, but also a very luxurious and expensive stone bath. Just be careful with imitations, such as cast marble (a cast mixture of milled limestone, glass-sand, polyester resin and colouring).  Stone baths are solitaires meant for open spaces, it is therefore necessary to keep the shape and weight of the bath in mind already when you design the interior or even the house. To have this product on the first floor of an old building which is statically on the border or beyond its limits, would be very problematic.

Přírodní kámen v koupelně
Přírodní kámen v koupelně
Přírodní kámen v koupelně
Přírodní kámen v koupelně
Přírodní kámen v koupelně
Deska z přírodního kamene k ohništi

Other uses of natural stone

Grilling stone slabs made of granite are very popular. Because of their temperature characteristics they are the best for preparation of meat and other meals at outdoor events and parties. 

With the growing popularity of fireplaces in our homes, the popularity of stone cladding of mantelpieces and areas around the fireplace is also growing. It can fine-tune your fireplace to perfection. You can use stone for the cladding of the plinths of houses, saunas, or even make your own Japanese sauna, which has wholesome effects on your body. 

Granite is also practically the only material that can be used for high-quality tombstone production. 

Other possibilities involve garden accessories, flower pots, thermal food trays, interior accessories, stone cooling cubes etc. The old time classic in the form of roughly worked cobble stones, tiles, cladding and areas paved with raw stone set in pebbles or concrete. 

Kamenný obklad krbu
Venkovní kuchyň z přírodního kamene
Žulová kuchyňská deska a obklad stěny za deskou

Source: www.ceskestavby.cz