Stone brings nobility to interiors

Natural stone is popular in interiors for its natural origin, beautiful patterns, a wide range of colours and originality of every produced piece, but also for its extreme durability.

Surface treatment of stone

Surface treatment of natural stone always affects its colour, but also its properties – resistance or clogging with dirt. The surface of natural stone can be shiny, matt, brushed or cut.

Cut surface means that the stone remains in the same condition as it was cut directly in the quarry. It is only diamond brushes that are used to grind the cut surface. The surface has a visual touch of leather.

Shiny surface of natural stone is obtained by the changing of polishing grinding diamonds from the coarsest to the finest. The entire production process has seven stages of grinding and polishing. The gloss highlights the original colour of the stone. Moreover, it can even gain richer colours. This is the most common type of stone surface treatment. Polished stone is used for kitchen and bathroom worktops, for tiling, paving, but also for cemetery architecture or mantlepieces.

Matt surface of natural stone is achieved by prescribed procedures as in the case of polishing. However, grinding techniques are used less depending on the degree of matt required.

Brushed surface of stone (antique) is achieved by means of blasted sand or burning with fire, and the surface is subsequently softened with diamond brushes. This surface is significantly structured, but pleasant and smooth to the touch. It is used for kitchen worktops as well as outdoor and indoor paving.

Kitchen stone worktops

Beauty, durability and longevity, timelessness. These are the reasons why the kitchen worktop should be just made of stone even though there are many suitable materials offered for kitchen worktops. When choosing one, however, we should think of the utility value, practicality, easy maintenance and, finally, exclusivity of the material used. If you want to keep the price low, you can use artificial stone, but it is natural granite and then marble that have the best properties for kitchen worktops. Granite can withstand even very high temperatures and, in addition to its hardness, it is non-absorbent. So we can also cut meat on it without scratching.

Staircases and window sills

Stone staircases are very durable and, in addition, they can be renovated after some time and look new again. Stairs and window sills made of real stone are no longer a matter of luxury. However, for outdoor stairs and window sills, only natural stone is recommended, specifically granite. In the interiors, any other material can be used, including a combination of metal and glass. Granite is non-absorbent, durable and colourfast.

Bathroom countertops

Stone bathroom countertops have been known since the times of ancient Rome, from Roman spas. Stone is required in the bathrooms mainly for its non-absorbency and easy maintenance. Polished stone is especially popular here, be it in the form of tiles, paving, but also slabs for embedding washbasins.

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Fireplaces and stone

In the case of fireplaces, we use excellent heat storage capacity of natural or artificial stone. In addition, the appearance of the fireplace will be underlined by using stone in any form, of any origin and surface treatment. Stone is actually one of the few materials appropriate for building fireplaces.

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Stone tiling and paving

Apart from popular ceramics, which is offered in endless options, stone tiling and paving are also very popular. Especially in modern wooden buildings characterized by a low ability to store heat stone tiling and paving are an ideal solution. In addition, stone is a suitable material for floors with underfloor heating and for walls with wall heating.

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