Stone is always a timeless investment

For its natural properties and beauty, natural stone is a solution wherever the emphasis is on individual and attractive solving in both interiors and exteriors. Transfer this part of inanimate nature to your house and give your home an exclusive and unique look.

Properties of natural stone

Natural stone excels in strength and permanent mechanical properties. It does not change colour. Thanks to low abrasion resistance, the long-term attractive appearance of stone is preserved for a long time and, due to its low absorbency, it also resists the erosive influence of water in combination with frost or rapid temperature changes. Furthermore, it is a visually original and tasteful accessory to our houses and gardens.

Possibilities of using natural stone

The application domain of natural stone is wide. It is used in construction, garden architecture as well as home interiors. In the form of slabs, natural stone is used for the production of tiles, bathroom furniture, kitchen worktops, window sills, pavings, floor tiles, or stones in natural form, i.e. without surface treatment, are used.


Natural stone is used for worktops, washbasin tops, bathtub linings, solitary bathtubs made of one piece of stone, stone paving, stone window sills and table tops, furniture, tiling of polished and classic fireplaces, plinths and stairs and also kitchen worktops. In the interior, hard granite and traditional marble are especially popular.

Kamenný obklad z přírodního kamene v interiéru


In exteriors, stone is used for tiling facades, roads, sidewalks, paving, terraces, seating areas such as barbecue stones, statues, decorations and fountains. Your garden will be given an interesting look by a stone fence, which also has an anti-noise function. Quartz, sandstone and slate are the most suitable for the garden. Large blocks as well as decorative grit are popular.

Each type of stone is suitable for something different, it is its physical properties that are decisive. The most commonly used are marble, granite, sandstone, slate, marlite, gneiss, porphyr, quartzite and semi-precious stones in some cases.

Kamenný obklad z přírodního kamene v exteriéru


Granite is a deep igneous rock that, due to its hardness and chemical resistance, finds application as a building block. It is used in interiors and exteriors. It is used for paving, tiling, window sills, staircases, kitchen worktops, fireplace tiling, suspended ventilated facades and monuments.


Marble is formed by the conversion of limestone. Limestone created by deposition of individual layers has a rich pattern and can also be used as an original painting on the wall. Marble is a popular building and decorative material, it is easy to work with and it creates an exclusive impression. In our country, it is used mainly in the interiors of apartments, houses, or, for example, hotels and banks (tiling, paving, bathroom countertops, …).

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