National Technical Museum open

maketa hornického dolu v Národním technickém muzeu

“It seems unbelievable, but the historical moment, that generations of museum public have been waiting for, has finally come on October 8, 2013, when after three quarters of a century, the fully equipped and finished, with completed exhibitions, the building of the National Technical Museum has been introduced in its full beauty. Yes, the National Technical Museum building is finally, after 75 years, finished,” said Karel Ksandr, Director General of the National Technical Museum, at the occasion of the gala vernissage celebrating the opening of the last four exhibitions and the completion of the museum.

The National Technical Museum was opened on February 16, after a five year renovation, to the public. This year, five new exhibitions were introduced, including the traditional Transport exposition, the next year the Technology in the Home was opened. The renovation of the building itself was finished in July 2012 and the building underwent the final inspection after unbelievable 74 years. In July of this year, the variety of expositions was extended by the exposition Chemistry Around Us and Measurement of Time. Last four expositions are now open, Mining, Metallurgy, InterCamera, and Technology in Toys with the exposition Top Secret. An attractive part of the Mining exposition is the long expected coal and ore mine.

Centuries of technological ingenuity is now presented in twelve permanent expositions.

The new Mining exposition is dedicated to the development of mining since the Palaeolithic era, till today. The content of the exposition is especially the present mining and extracting technology in the course of centuries. The new exposition is dedicated to mining machines and tools, a great deal of attention is dedicated to mining engineering.

A model of an ore and coal mine from the 50s of the 20th century is the most important part of the exposition whose corridors reach the size of 350 m². It is an interesting collection of exhibits on its own and together they make out realistically done dioramas. The model of the mine is equipped with lighting elements that are made of electrified original mine burners, carbide lamps, and electric miner’s lamps. The visitors can “go down the pit” with their own lamp accompanied by a professional lector. The new concept enables the visitors to experience the real mine environment. The exhibit is connected with the area of Mountain Gaming Hall meant for interactive games and accompanying programmes.

Source: Lomy a těžba