A new saw from the Helios Cut 500 series has been installed in Poland. The machine was installed in the Iwaniska village in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship in the stonemasonry workshop of Marek Grudnia. The owner of the company told us the reasons for his decision.    



Why the Helios?

Any new purchase in our company is preceded by an analysis of the market, which was also the case. There were two options left on the table in the end. The choice went to Helios, from the following reasons:

– Stainless steel, structure offered only by the Helios company. During wintertime, we were forced to re-new the coat of paint of the whole car park. It will not be necessary with the Helios system.

– System of suction cups RoboMove*. The company will use the saw not only for cutting of thin slabs but also for cutting of tombstones. This means that the suction cups will need to be able to manage the movement of material of 5-6 cm strength and the weight up to 500 kg. Of course, if the suction cups are installed on the machine heads, the weight of material will have a negative impact on the lifespan of the components of the Z axis. We are purchasing a saw for many years, and we want it to last, if possible, without any breakdowns.

– Screw and cylinder mechanism, system of movement of each axis. High effectiveness, reversible operating, the absence of axial will, high toughness, and precision of lifting are typical for this solution. Overall, it can be said that this solution will ensure high precision production of new pieces.




What will be the advantages of the purchase of this kind of machine?

It will certainly bring more effectiveness. Mainly, we will be able to expand our supply of products for the construction industry. Cutting out kitchen countertops will be much faster. We will also save time on the finishing works and detailed work, such as cladding of the hob or cutting out grooves for the dish drainer.    



* RoboMove system of suction cups

The system of two independent suction cups is used for material handling by the newly installed saw. The difference from other manufacturers is that ty RoboMove system is not installed on the Z axis but on a separate girder with a self-contained guiding system. Thanks to this solution, the Z axis is used only for the operating of the main engine and CNC spindle. Not stressing the Z axis with handling of heavy objects by the manipulator enables long and failure free running of the machine. The RoboMove system enables full automation of the process of cutting and significantly lower the amount of rubbish during the production. It is possible to use the suction cups in the manual regime. Another advantage is the possibility of manipulation with wide elements such as kitchen counter tops with cut out spaces for the sink and all that without damaging them.

A new system of “suspended” suction cups on the saw bridge is already in supply.





Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author:   |   Published: 26. 2. 2020