DYNASIL EPS is a new generation protective coating – resistant, durable and aesthetic. Its main purpose is to protect polished and unpolished stone floors, concrete floors (including terazzo and lastrico), clinker, cobblestones and other mineral materials, as well as building ceramics and conglomerates.


All surface protection preparations must have very good adhesion to the substrate in order to form a film on it. However, this is only a surface coating. DYNASIL EPS is a fine particle polymer and can, therefore, penetrate into the structure of the material to be coated, filling its pores. This additional feature results in a more durable bond of the coating to the substrate and greater resistance to tearing and mechanical damage. The cured polymer is characterised by high resistance to mechanical damage, abrasion, scratching and cracking. It is also resistant to burns, sparks, fire and high temperatures.

Due to its performance properties and surface aesthetics, it is used in private, commercial and industrial buildings. Examples of applications are floors in commercial premises, garages, car parks, exhibition and storage halls, workshops, production plants, etc.

The EPS coating produced on the surface of the stone is very resistant to dirt. It has exceptionally strong anti-stick properties, which do not allow dirt to adhere to the surface. As a result, removal of dirt is easy and does not require specialised preparations. Considering the above mentioned examples of application, DYNASIL EPS allows for very easy removal of tyre marks, paints, adhesives, installation foams, silicones and stains left by food products, fats, engine oils. In commercial areas, resistance to acids, alkalis, alcohols and organic solvents will also be appreciated.




Source: Kurier Kamieniarski

Author: Kurier Kamieniarski   |   Published: 17.11.2020