Granite paving stone – a journey across centuries

Paving stone is a special road-building material, made of special solid rocks (granite, basalt) in the form of bars.


For paving stone there is standard: length 15-30 cm, width 9-15 cm, height 10-16 cm. Paving stone is made by crushing by special stone-cutting machines. After that, faces and edges are hewn. Paving stone is a universal material used for heavy-duty roads, granite paving stone is used for city streets, squares, and garden paths. The most famous square in Russia, where granite paving stone is used, is Red Square in Moscow.


Advantages of natural stone blocks in comparison with artificial materials

The types of natural stone used for paving are granite, basalt, and diabase. These rocks are very hard, resistant to abrasion and influences of external environment. Paving stone, when laid near a house, office building or in the garden gives an aesthetic and well-groomed look.


Granite paving stone (paving stone) has many undeniable advantages.

    – It is resistant to pressure, vibration, changes in temperature, oxidation processes, impact loads.

    – If it is necessary to carry out underground works, granite paving stone can easily be dismantled and laid again in the same place, without changing the look of the road.

    – Unlike asphalt, granite paving stone does not soften in summer when heated, emitting volatile oil vapours.

    – Granite paving stone is a natural surface, which does not interfere with the water exchange needs of greenery.

    – Granite paving stone is easy in laying. Its installation is done manually or with the help of paving-machines.

    – Puddles can be avoided on granite paving stone surface as gaps allow water to penetrate and evaporate through the tiles.

    – Granite paving stone is mainly produced of granite and is highly durable. Paving stone coverings last for centuries with frost-resistance of up to 300 cycles.

    – Use of granite paving stone prevents rise of ground waters.

    – Granite is also famous for its high decorative quality. The varied colours of this natural stone make it possible to lay out a path or a platform in the colour required in terms of landscape design.