Księżyce Slate

Project: Tourist Services Centre (Centrum Obsługi Ruchu Turystycznego, known as the Aquarium) in Zagórze Śląskie. (Lower Silesia)

Supplier of elements: DKSM – “Księżyce” mine

Stone: natural slate Księżyce

Date of completion: May 2020

Investment cost: over 2.9 million PLN

Elements: timber-framed and slate building. It has a pitched roof with a skylight.

Amount of stone installed: over 100 tonnes of Księżyce slate for gabions in thicknesses from 1 to 6 cm.


Broniów Sandstone

Reconstruction of the railway viaduct in Prądnicka Street in Cracow

Supplier of elements: P.U.H. “SOSNOWICA” S.C. J. Wiąckiewicz, G. Rębosz

Elements: split stone; Amount of stone: 285 m2, 15 cm thick; Date of completion. Investment date: 2nd quarter 2021.


Zimnik Granite

Project: Wolności Square and Zduński Square in Kutno (Łódz Voivodship)

Supplier: Tinarg (Zimnik)

Ordering party: City of Kutno, designer Marek Cieplucha, contractor: PSS GB

Stone: Zimnik light grey granite

Elements: flamed granite slabs, 8 cm thick, various dimensions

Amount of stone: over 8,000 m2

Completion date: 1st quarter of 2021

Photo | toza (archive)


Długopole Sandstone

Project: Branicki Palace in Białystok. Italian Pavilion.

Supplier: Pismar (Szklarska Huta)

Stone: Długopole sandstone

Elements: stairs and flooring elements. Stairs made in polished processing, stair elements cut in curves on a CNC machine.

Amount of stone: approx. 120 linear metres of elements.

Date of completion: 4th quarter of 2020.

Photo: Voiv. Office for Monuments Protection in Białystok


Kostrza Strzegom Granite

Project: Amor fountain with dolphin in Jawor city park (Lower Silesia)

Manufacturer: Piramida (Strzegom), Litos (Strzegom)

Stone: Kostrza Strzegom granite from Piramida’s excavation

Elements: Slabs around the fountain flamed, inside ground C120, other elements pebbled.

Slabs cut in an arc on a CNC machine. Fountain bowl 230 cm in diameter, 40 cm thick cut on a profile line.

Date of completion: April 2021


Brenna Sandstone

Project: next stage of Spa Park revitalisation in Jastrzębie-Zdrój

Supplier: Barwałd (Brenna)

Stone: grey Brenna sandstone

Elements: flamed sandstone slabs – regular of different sizes and irregular, so-called “wild”, 10 cm thick. Amount: over 400 m2 for paths.

Date of completion: 2020


Rytlów Sandstone

Project: private house

Contractor: Kamtex (Brenna)

Stone: yellow Rytlów sandstone

Elements: slabs 80 x 120 cm, 5 cm thick; block stairs, 17 cm thick (rarely seen length in private investment)

Amount: slabs 150 m2 + block stairs Date of completion: 2021




Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: Kurier Kamieniarski | Published: 11.05.2021