We often hear that stone is heavy. And that this can be seen in the realisations. We know ourselves that yes it is heavy, but it does not have to look heavy. And it’s not about the fact that modern CNC technologies make it possible to realise openwork and very delicate structures.


In fact, the end result mainly depends on what is created on the drawing board in the design studio. Sometimes it is possible to create a great design without assuming expensive and difficult CNC machine work.

We are happy to show you a visualisation of an interior design found on the web, in which the stairs are combined with the bar in a fantastic way. This is the work of Gori & Yoon Architecture from Florence, Italy – a young company created in 2018 by Italian architect Elisa Gori and South Korean interior designer Jaehyun Yoon.

The creators of the office have already worked at other firms on major projects. Elisa, working for Guido Ciompi & Partners or Cipiuelle, had the opportunity to deal with designing luxury residences, hotels and restaurants all over Europe.

On completing his studies in Seoul and Milan, Jaehyun worked as an interior designer for the PLS Design studio in Florence, where he interacted with fashion brands such as Tom Ford and Trussardi. He later worked with various architectural firms, where he had the opportunity to take part in the design of many buildings – including a spa resort at the Hilton Hotel in Dubai and luxury private homes in the Middle East and Asia.

The creators of the office come from different cultures. They combine their experience and skills to create an original whole. They pay special attention to the decorative element and to every detail that makes each space unique and personalised. The project described here is a great example.

This space was designed entirely out of stone, specifically travertine. Despite the use of massive elements, the whole gives the impression of lightness.

We are likely to see many more breathtaking realisations by them.





Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: Kurier Kamieniarski | Published: 12.05.2021