In Chełm (Lubelskie Voivodeship), a columbarium is being built which in many respects may become a model for other investments of this type. What is important for our industry is that stone was used to make all the cladding of the segments with niches for urns. Unfortunately, this was not without problems resulting from the lack of experience on the part of the designer, investor and the unwillingness to take advice from stonemasons.    



The tender for the construction of the columbarium was won by Road Memory of Sławomir Chudoba, a family stonemason company from Grabowiec (Lubelskie Voivodeship). We were shown around the columbarium by the owner Sławomir Chudoba and manager Marcin Chudoba – two brothers in the business.

M.C.: The project involved import of stone from China. Our explanations that there would be problems with this stone did not help. We showed the officials projects carried out by other companies using grey Chinese granite, which showed horrible stains. In the presence of specialists and officials we made attempts to glue the Chinese material onto one of the prefabricated elements. The effect was the same as with those unfortunate realisations we’d shown the investor. The only answer was that the contractor took responsibility for his work. We were also addressed a several-page letter from the law firm servicing the office in which we were forbidden to make comments on the quality of the materials designed for this investment.




S.C.: Still, we had to take some action. Using the type of stone given in the specification was like asking for trouble. There would be no end to complaints. Fortunately, the rules of the tender allowed that the contractor could use a material which was at least equivalent or better, with higher performance parameters.

M.C.: The material with the trade name Tarn Extra from France is characterized by high quality parameters. We conducted research which showed that it had better properties than the material from China. Then, Tarn Extra was used in the construction of this columbarium.

S.C.: From the client’s perspective, nothing changed in the value of the contract. We, as contractors, bet on quality and bore the cost of using the better quality materials. And I do believe it was worth it. We’ve prevented future problems with questionable materials and we can be proud of this beautiful outcome.

M.C.: It isn’t difficult to calculate what the cost was – 2,000 square metres multiplied by the price difference between Tarn Extra and “Chinese”. It was a demonstration of the superiority of official power over technical knowledge. Fortunately, our persistence and determination led to the use of the right stone. Interestingly, some of the officials to whom we had to explain these difference no longer hold their previous positions.    




Source: Kurier kamieniarski

Author: Kurier Kamieniarski   |   Published: 29. 6. 2018